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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Vanlue_b, Feb 15, 2012.

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    Yes, I print out 2 copies of my invoices, one for me and one for the customer. But the hard copy I keep really isn't used for much.

    I use Quickbooks and backup my company file every time I make a significant amount of entries. In this day and age there's no excuse for losing your financial information. There are USB hard drives, thumb drives, online backup services (some free), CDs. Get an integrated system and use it and backup your data. Quickbooks doesn't require much of a computer to could get a used/remanufatured one for $150 to $200 that would work just fine. And you can very easily and quickly manage and analyze your company financials with it too and spend the time you'd use figuring it all out with pencil and paper to go out and make money.

    If you can post a message here with your computer, there's a really good chance you could run Quickbooks with it. This is 2012......not 1985...get with the program!
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    One thing it looks like no one mentioned is that hand writen receipts are often convenient for one time service jobs where you want to collect payment on site and do not know enough a head of time to preprint an invoice. I have a laptop/printer in the service truck as well as my truck to do this on site and enter right into the system, but also keep blank forms for backups incase the computer or printer go down during the day. Not trying to play the Devil's advocate there, there are plenty of reasons why a good reliable business program is needed, most of which are already posted by others above.

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