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  1. lawncare18

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    Where do you guys get invoice papers made up .. say with your company name on them... carbon paper where you can keep a copy give one tot hem and file one away? anyone do somehting like this to keep track of money and to give custumers a receipt of such work you have done for them, with the amount they owe.
  2. sweatyclippingcoveredguy

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    You can get invoice programs that keep track of payments, and generate alot of these things automatically. Billing is SOO much faster, these programs are the way to go, all you have to do is type the 1st letter or so in someone's name and all there information comes up. GET ONE!:drinkup:
  3. onthesidelawncare

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    I have lawn pro and it seems to work pretty good
  4. lawnmaniac883

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    Try Gopher, it is alot of work to get setup like you want but once you spend the time to get all of your accnts on there it makes billing much easier. They give you a free demo of it for 1 month try it and see what you think. Their sponsor link is up top middle.

    FATWEASEL LawnSite Senior Member
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    Look in the yellow pages under "Printing". Any print shop or some place like OfficeMax can make custom invoices for you or you should be able to pick up generic ones there also.

    I use Quicken 2006 Premier Home and Business. I got it at Costco for $56 after the $20 rebate. I'm sure it's not the absolute best but it was pretty cheap and it gets the job done.

    I keep my records on my computer and I can also download info from my bank accounts. You can also email the invoices or buy an all-in-one print/fax/scan/copy machine and fax the invoice usually if it's a commercial account.

    Like I said, Quicken's not the best but you can customize the format of the invoice and even add you company logo if you'd like. It also keeps up with cash flow as far as what's paid and what's not, who owes and how much, etc...

    You can do quite a bit of customizing but I just haven't had time to really sit down and dig in.:hammerhead:

  6. Brendan Smith

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    you can also get carbon copy generic work orders from staples/office depot if you don't want the initial expense of printing
  7. J&R Landscaping

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    I've had some stuff printed up from staples. The pricing was pretty good and it was better then the generic invoice books in the tablet section. Do what-ever your budget permits, but I do strongly advise on avoiding nebs as they are quite expensive! JMO

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    Do yourself a favor and start up right- Get Gopher or Quick Books, It will not only do invoices but keep tract of the total business and at years end copy a disk to send to your accountant and you are done with taxes.
    It will allow you to print your invoice any way you want and even print your name or logo in color at the top.
  9. 29 Palms Property Management

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    I second that. I use Quick Books and it saves so much time, and it really does it all for you. Like PM said, the reports are always up to date, with no figuring at all. Print it out and send/give a copy to the accountant and your done. The customer invoices look great with logo on them and it's easy to keep track of things!
  10. K&A Lawncare

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    I am using the free demo of Gopher and just can't find anything wrong with it yet.

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