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  1. Cuttinitclose

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    Is there any FREE invoice/reciept site on the web that you can edit with business info and charges and print out? I'm using MS Word now and just looking for something a little more professional. Thanks!
  2. aahotard

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    well i go to excel and search invoice. i got a template there and it works just fine
  3. Cuttinitclose

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    I don't have excel believe it or not.

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  5. punt66

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    Quick Books simple start is free. Its a free download. Easy to use and tracks taxes, expenses and many others.
  6. Roger

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    If you are asking about invoices and sales receipts, then you must not be using an integrated financial management package. What are you using to track your expenses and income?

    As somebody suggested, QuickBooks is able to do that tracking, plus produce any kind of invoice or sales receipt you need. Templates are available, but also the function to create you own documents, customized to your need. I don't use sales receipts, but do use invoices. I made one with a return-tear off that has worked well. But, the standard template for a service invoice works well too.
  7. punt66

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    how did you do the return tear off? Buy the paper already perforated?
  8. Grits

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    I am curious of this as well. I would like to provide a tear off.
  9. Roger

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    The paper has no perforation. The tear-off line is merely a line of dashes. It is positioned exactly at a point down the page for a fold when putting it into a #10 window envelope (a 1/3 position). The bottom portion is printed for a return address of the customer, and my address, with the pay information in block on the far right side (e.g. invoice number, dates, amount, etc). I include a #9 double window envelope, so the return address and my address fit into the two windows respectively.

    When I do the fold, it is at this line. A small note above the line suggests tearing and returning the bottom 1/3 in the #9 envelope. My intent is that they save the upper 2/3 for their records. However, some customers refold the page, along the same fold lines. The whole page is returned, but the address information is displayed through the two windows.

    If anybody wants to see one, send me a PM with your email address, and I will send a .jpg of the invoice via e-mail.
  10. jojoleafsfan

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