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  1. stoli

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    from georgia
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    i am new to the business. i have been using hand written invoices
    and would like to change to printed invoices. If anyone has any suggestions on how to set up or software to use, please advise.
  2. Green Finger

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    To help save you some money try designing your own invoice. YOu can use an Excel spread sheet or MS access. Just look at a basic bill that has come to your house ie. cable, electric, or water bill and copy the format and customize it to fit your business.:blob2:
  3. HarryD

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  4. bubble boy

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    even a word processor would do.

    i use Microsoft Publisher. a real basic design.

    also accounting software can print invoices for you. prob with that for me is i am always behind in my bookeeping. so with the printed invoice i can enter the data whenever, so i never print from the program.
  5. tiedeman

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    Quickbooks, nothing but quickbooks

    I love it because I can always change the template around with it. It really is worth the money. I know this may sound support but I keep my income and invoices recorded with quickbooks and then I use seperate programs and spreadsheets for expense and payroll. That is the only downfall that I don't like about Quickbooks is how is organizes and deals with expense and payroll. That is why I use seperate programs for that.
  6. Darb

    Darb LawnSite Member
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    I am a Quickbooks Pro user too. I recommend giving it a try. It gives a very professional look. You can customize your invoices too.
  7. xpnd

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    I use Mac and adapted the database option on Apple Works to fit a post card. The card is preforatted in the middle. Customer returns my half with check in his envelope. No invoices to fold, no envelopes to stuff and seal, less postage, less envelopes almost 1K of annual savings in materials. My entire customer base can be invoiced in under 90 minutes when I work at it including entering the amounts in Quick Books. What I like best is the cards are fed through a tractor type printer. If there is a foul up, I know exactly where invoicing stopped by the last card printed out.

    If the customer insists on first class postage and full size invoice with a stamped self addressed envelope inside they have the option to pay a $50.00 non refundable handling fee each year. I figure that is what my time is worth to manually manipulate these invoices.
  8. ksland

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    All the other software is for routing, although it does invoice too Quickbooks should be on every business owners computer.
  9. stoli

    stoli LawnSite Member
    from georgia
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    thanks for all of the input this will help greatly

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