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  1. mikeymike

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    For the part timers here how do you do your billing/invoicing? Anyone got a copy of an invoice that they use that they can post?
    I do this part time and I have 1 regular customer whose yard I did last Thursday and I have not been paid for. I think I may need to start leaving invoices after I finish my work for customers who are not home when I finish.
  2. sprout

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    You can get a cash sales receipt book from any office supply store.

    Write in something like, Lawn Mowing------------------$25.00
    Be sure to put all your basic info., place in envelope and leave it at the door. I use to tell people that I would stop back and pick it up. Hope this helps.:D
  3. o-so-n-so

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    Mike..E...mike, I went down to the local printing shop and had some invoices printed with my company info at the top. These will work well in your situation. I also keep self addressed envelops in the truck along with scotch tape. When I do a job that requires a bill to be left, I put the bill in the self addressed envelop (don't lick) along with a couple of business cards and I tape it to the glass on the front door. I also use the tape to tape business cards to the door (glass only) when making estimating calls.

    When I do monthly billing, I use a computer program for this and make my own invoices.
  4. cajuncutter

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    My father is a programmer, he made a program for me. At the end of every month I simply plug in numbers and bill accordingly.
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    I will try I don't know if this will work.I tryed scaning an excel invoice for you. Is this what you want?

  6. Firefighter Dave

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    Mike... here is what I used. I like the calandar option, I could highlight what day I took care of the cust. yard.

    :blob2: :blob2:


    Well I can't send it.... it's in MS Publisher, and Lawnsite won't let me send that kind of file. Leave your email and I will send you a copy.
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    I use invoices from Nebs. They have a generic invoice you can have them print your company name on or they have a pre-printed lawn maintenance invoice you also can have your company name printed on.
  8. GLS

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    I use quickbooks. I just send out an invoice once a month. The program makes it easy.

    If you are getting paid in person and they are not home, you can print off a little sheet that says "we missed you..." and leave a space for the date, time, amount, and an address to send a check to.
  9. Live4Mowin'

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    ive never done invoices before and i have a question. do you let the customer keep the invoice or do you have them mail it back to you?
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