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    I print out 2, 1 for them the other for me. When the customers check comes in I mark my copy PAID. Also another really cool thing I like about the program I use is I can save the bill as it is going to be printed in HTML format and send it via E mail. I do this with 7 of my customers. But I still print out a hard copy for my records.
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    Quickbooks is the answer. You can do monthly billing or weekly. It keeps track of expenses, it works right along with business bank account information, etc... You can also scan your logo and put it on the invoices or even use Publisher to put it on envelopes on the return address location.

    I always put a net of 2wks to pay the bill on monthly and weekly accounts.
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    I use Quickbooks for sales and billing. I also use adams invoices
    when I do a job I leave the yellow copy with the customer of what was done on the job. If the customer pays I write on the bottom of the invoice how they paid cash/check and date paid.

    I use the invoice number as reference when I use quickbooks to bill and sales invoices.

    If theres a disagreement in billing I have something to back it up.

    you plant it
    I'll maintain it
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    check out
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    i'v used clip for a couple of weeks, and it works great
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    You have a computer, right. Use Excel or Word and make your own.
    Takes 10 minutes, OK 20, still quicker than a trip to the office supply, turn your page set up to landscape, duplicate form so there are two to a page. Label one = return with payment, the other = for your records.
    Print a supply.
    You can get as artistic as you like and/or put in any info you feel like.
    Usually left with a sizable amount of unused area, think up some promotions for existing customers and print them there. You can change these as often as you'd like.
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    I buy the generic ones from Office Depot. You get 3 copies. I mail one to the customer and when they send the check back to me, I mark down the date received, check number and the amount. Then I rip out the second copy for my records and leave the third copy in the book for a quick reference if I need it. It's easy to be organized this way. When I have some extra money, i'm going to buy some custom invoices from Nebs.
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    I invoice and do staements with Quicken for Business. I can also do payments, expenses, taxes and balnceing checkbook with it. Been very happy so far with it.
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    Quickbooks Pro with the Clip for Quickbooks.

    That's how I have time to be here :D
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    Quickbooks.... cake....

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