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    Can I see some of your billing invoices? Im just curious as to what they should look like and also Im trying to get some ideas.
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    mowing i just use quicken so it goes something like this
    Date Mowing Price Due Date Total balance
    3 then the total bill is here

    Well the spacing doesnt work, but I usually do 3 - 4 mowings before billing and so the total balance just runs and the clients figure it out soon enough. For other jobs we use quickbooks invoice, and that takes a while to type.
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    1. Job
    2. Date
    3. Quantity
    4. Total

    Always, always, always put "Thank you for your business!!!"
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    You are welcome to download our trial software. You can print out invoices with it. Maybe that will be helpful.

    We also have some free invoice templates here

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