Invoicing and management software??

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Moose's Mowing, Nov 27, 2012.


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    Yea, just use the browser.

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    You can email the company and see if they have an app, or plan to add an app.
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    Yes I used jobber (out of the business now)

    It is everything you were wanting and more.
    I'm sure you've seen all of the features, but let me describe why I liked it so much.

    Firstly, I was looking for something intuitive, clean, and well rounded. As I'm sure you can tell, Jobber is quite easy to figure out, with alot of inspiration drawn from modern design and interface. What's more, it has everything you could want, from an integrated mobile platform, to dead-easy paypal integration, where the customer can pay right from their invoice when they open the email.

    Here's what I liked most about jobber.
    1) I started using it the spring of this year when the company was very new. As such, there were quite a few bugs that came up in my usage. I called their number and spoke with a very friendly fellow named sam. He made sure the bugs got fixed immediately, but when I suggested something that could be improved on, he immediately implemented it (for instance, I wanted the full desktop version available on my OS, where only a mobile version was available at the time)

    Over the next couple months I developed a really good relationship with the jobber team. A good relationship is key to any good business. What they do is amazing.

    2) The integrated customer payment is amazing. My customers loved it.
    3) It is cloud based, so no information will be lost.
    4) If you are small and don't need alot of services, what they offer with their base cost, $29 I believe, is truly robust.
    5) After spending alot of time talking with Sam, I can tell you that these people have a good mind for business, are committed to being the best, and with everything they have told me, I am confident they will be the leader in this field before long. They are solid company with a stellar product
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    Fyi sam is the owner/designer of the software.
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