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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by trying 2b organic, Oct 11, 2003.

  1. trying 2b organic

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    Hi all. I've been using a receipt book :eek: and i finally bought Simply Accounting , which is probably a Canadian thing, its good and very popular here. But, im having a heck of a time bringing my logo into it and am not sure if i should be trying to or not.

    The question is this. Do you get copies of your invoices printed (logo, outline etc) the the print shop then have your software just fill in the blanks (customer name and adress and total). Or do you design the invoice in you accouting software and print on your home printer.

    The software i have is equivilant to Quickbooks, apparently it is possible to bring logo in im just having trouble. My printer is a comsumer level photo printer and to print the logo even in two colours is going to cost money in ink. If you suggest i print whole invoice from blank on home printer should i swap my expensive photo printer for a 10 dollar salvaged office dot matrix.
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    What I do is print the invoice from the accounting program on my letterhead...easier than trying to import the logo...just change the template to line up properly on your letterhead.
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    same as what sprinkerguy said
  4. trying 2b organic

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    TY GUYS in another thread a guy talked about having his invoice/work order/ and remittance on one sheet of paper, which is what i was first wanting to do but its not easy. so i like your idea but it begs the question. when you mail the bill what do they remit with payment, i think people like to do that and it makes them feel safe.
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    Hi trying 2b organic,

    If you are interested, you can download our software and try it out for free. It allows you to put your logo in it and have the option of setting the bottom section of the invoice to show a remittance stub.

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