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    You pack your gear in and work 10 hours and pack your gear back out. You do ride a quad as far as you can go or like I said you ride a helicopter to get to the site. Some places you drive to a marina get into a crew boat go for a 30-60 minute boat ride then climb up the beach to the bush crummy drive another 20 minutes up a utility road to the power lines.
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    No pics today. I had to quit early today. Final score: Bees 20+ Thomas 3? This pretty well solidifies a cab machine this fall for me.
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    So? That's what I do a lot. I'l pack a 660 or 395 with full wrap, 32 inch bar on the saw, 42 inch on a pack, 3 chains for each, 6 5 pound wedges, the pack itself up 1:1 or steeper grades. You ride in on a skiff, then hike in. At least that's what I did along the river... Bottom line: You are a puss. If you can't work in the bush, don't male it seem so bad and turn other people off that want to do forestry. We will always need wood, so there will always be a forestry job. You make it seem bad and no one will want to do that line of work.
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    I have friends that are fallers I was taught by them the money is good a faller makes 300-400 dollars a day they work 6 hours a day.

    Falling on the West Coast

    Lets put it this way Ozz this isn't what you would see where you are from there is 90 tons worth of logs on the truck.
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    GR you must be the most popular guy in the SSC
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  7. Junior M

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    Just because they taught you doesnt mean you really know what its like to do that work..

    I love it when your proved wrong though. Because you come back trying to embarass the person. :laugh:
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    Junior you can't even use a chainsaw.

    I started using chainsaws when I was 16 when I started in the firewood business the saw I started out with was a 051 Stihl with a 36 inch bar on it.

    One logging contractor will log 30,000 cubic meters out of one cut block that is 800 loads of logs.

    Do you even know what this Junior ?
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    GR, I love it when somebody proves you wrong. You cant do a thing but insult them.

    Btw, I can use a chainsaw, been around them most of my life. Started using them when I was 14.

    Oh I forgot to mention, I been working for a tree company.

    I start climbing next week. I've been climbing for close to a year but I've never actually rigged and worked a tree from a set of spurs.

    And no I dont know what that is. But all the logging that goes on around here is shovel logging.. So why would I know what that is?
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    I could teach him just about anything he want to know... Unlike YOU. I'm pretty damn sure he can. And working with a tree guy, he know how to run a saw, but doesn't get the full logging experiance, which you don't have either.

    Oh, and they rolled the logs off the truck to float them to a mill/dock, and if they're floated to a dock, they get trucked/barged to a mill.

    Just admit someone has proved you wrong. I have, so you forget me and go after Jordan. It's pathetic.

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