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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by djlawn, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. djlawn

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    Does anybody have or use an ip tracker on their website. I am interested in trying to figure out who is looking at my website. Then I could send them an email for discount service or something. I figured an ip tracker would do just that. I don't want to redirect anybody into my site or anything like that Just some thoughts I had right now.
  2. JohnK

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    The log files for your website will have the IP address of each visitor, but that isn't going to get your their email address.

    What is going to tell you about the user? You could do an IP lookup to find out what ISP they're using, and from that maybe tell what part of the country they're from - unless they're using AOL or some other large world wide ISP or corporate network, in which case you really have no idea who that person is since anyone from AOL or that company could get that IP address when they logged in and visited your site - but that still won't give you any way to directly contact that individual.

    You can find out what operating system, what screen resolution, what browser, what if any link they followed to your site, what ISP they're using, when the visited, how many pages they viewed, but you're not going to be able to get their email address unless they give it to you - at least not legally, but hacking is another subject completely.

    You'll have to get them to volenteer their email address somehow. One way could be to setup a guest book and have people sign it and leave their email address (not revealed publicly of course) and offer a discount for doing so if they're within X area.
  3. Team Gopher

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    Hi djlawn,

    You could have new customers sign up with you through your site to take advantage of your special web discount offer.
  4. Sebatical

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    I see your logic in this idea, however...

    I don't think the general populace would be pleased at receiving an unsolicited email just from viewing your website. I know I wouldn't.

    I think Team Gopher's suggestion is quite plausible, provided you include some sort of notification that their email address is going to be used by you to send business-related correspondence.

    I know that I personally do not put my email address into anything soley because I do not want to receive email like what you're suggesting.

    Remember that drawing traffic to your website will be done best by word of mouth. A good reputation for a useful website will help, whereas a reputation for spamming your visitors will usually just anger them.
  5. djlawn

    djlawn LawnSite Member
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    I think you are right. Now that I think about I have to agree that I wouldn't want to be spammed. I don't like it when other companies "SPY" on me so why should I be doing it to other people. It did sound like a good idea at the time. I am probably going to go along with gophers idea of giving people a discount by signing up over the web.
  6. Sebatical

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    Many people use a mailing list (that people opt into) for seasonal specials and the like. I was going to suggest that. But I think offering a small discount to people that are on it is probably better than my idea.
  7. djlawn

    djlawn LawnSite Member
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    Where can you buy the mailing lists from? That is actually another good idea that I doin't think of. I am just trying to make sure I have plenty of work this year since there seems to be alot more people just shopping for price this year. Tough economy right now. I don't seem to be landing quite as many jobs as in years past. Although I do still have all of my repeat customers still.
  8. Sebatical

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    Your hosting service most likely has some sort of script you can install to your website to create them. And then visitors can put in their email address to be added to it.

    I would probably set it up such that if people add their name to it, they would receive quarterly mailings (one mailing) with a seasonal flyer that has a coupon on it.. you may even try drawing one name each month for a free mow or something. At least it gets you some leads. Then add a way for them to refer a friend so that you get some physical addresses at which to drop a flyer or something.

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