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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Frontier-Lawn, Oct 22, 2004.

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    i have a hp ipac pda. is there anything i can use it for out on the jobsite?
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    I've had 3 pdas the past few years (I drop them occasionally hence the 3)
    I would be lost without my pda and I am NOT a 'puter or gizmo guy.
    Each days work schedule is in there as well as all customer/supplier phone #'s. In the "todo" section I have every customer account and the jobs that need done for the season on that account, in priority order. As each task is done its checked off. I also keep all supply costs in a separate category.

    One thing I dont use it for is recording daily job times. We do that in a paper daytimer which lives on the truck dashboard

    I have always been a person who needs lists to keep life in order so when the pdas came along I thought I died and went to heaven.

    And you dont need to buy additional software for it to keep you organized. I use the "vanilla" software that comes std on all of them and its all I need.

    and for you guys who shy away from them because you think they might be too complicated to learn, in a half an hour you will figure it out and be on your way to being more organized. Very ez to learn

    ANother use I made for it is because it lives in my back pocket, when I run low on a particular supply, or need a codder pin, or fuel mix, or this or that during the day, I just go to the "todo" category and open up the BUY section and make the notation of the item I need. Then when I go shopping once a week I just check this category and pick up what I need.

    yes I love pdas...its like having an administrative asst that you dont have to pay a salary to

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