Ipad/Iphone? Anyone come up with a more streamlined way to become more efficient?

Right Touch

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Hillsborough, NJ
Our normal process currently goes like this- incoming phone call or email generates an estimate request form. That is then taken on the estimate where all the notes and measurements are taken, then that is brought back to the office where the formal quote is typed into our computer program and sent to the customer. At then end of the day papers are filed into different categories- waiting to hear from, call back in a few days, waiting for deposit, schedule for next week, etc... Just wondering if purchasing something like an Ipad could streamline this process so that the incoming call/email is put into an electronic estimate which is then brought to the estimate (and perhaps looking more professional than the 10 other guys giving an estimate) then notes could be written into the ipad or whatever (some sore of stylus writing program?) then that could be taken back to the office and instead of the paper filing, it could all be filed into folders on the ipad. Is this anything anyone has ever done, and if so, what are the pros and cons and what types of technology have worked for you? interested to hear the responses to this. I purchased a laptop a few years ago thinking I'd take it with me to estimates but it became more of a pain then it was worth.