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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by KLC LAWN, Apr 21, 2012.


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    YAY!!! I found a printer that prints directly from the ipad.......

    I just bought a hp printer thinking I would use my jailbroken iphone with MyWi hotspot to have the printer connect to the hotspot then the ipad and that way they would be on the same network....

    However when I fired the printer up and looked in the ipad network list, just the printer came up as its own network. I click on the printer and it connects to the printer as a network directly and prints flawlessly!

    No other network required!!

    I am sure there are many hp printers that will do this but the one I bought at Best Buy on sale for $109 is model HP Photosmart 5514 It is front loading so my plan is to fit it under the front seat in the truck, its only 5 3/4" high
  2. Belgium

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    Really? That's awesome! I'm also looking for a solution to print directly from my ipad in my van. So you dn't need to use your iphone to set up a hotspot?
  3. ptjackson

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    Thanks for sharing I know a lot of people have been asking for a solution like this. I think before long everyone will be using the iPad instead of a laptop.
  4. Nj shade

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    If its an AirPrint printer from hp will work when on the same network. I use thi for my iPad and iPhone, works great !
  5. CLS LLC

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  6. Nj shade

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    Personally I print emails, web leads and other work related documents. Not having to go to physical computer saves a lot of time over course of the week.

    KLC LAWN LawnSite Member
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    The key is you can print without a network which most people don't have in their trucks.

    Right now I am experimenting with jobber, and quickbooks for check register and expense tracking only

    I have been doing much more emailing of estimates and invoices and love it. Jobber is working on a scheduling upgrade which I'm hoping fits my needs which should be out soon. The ability to pull up info on my iPhone and click one button to show gps directions to the location is awesome. I use a combo of computer iPad and iPhone. I find it nice to enter info in on an iPad when someone calls since you would have to be on speakerphone to see your iPhone screen.

    So I like the setup, just needs to be fine tuned. I like the ability to print in the field for on the spot estimates and invoices or payment receipts. I am finding the best way is to take your info from point A to point B in one step. I handled 40 estimates in a week from a flier campaign without one mistake.
  8. cpllawncare

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    I was looking at the Iphone yesterday, liked it a lot vs the droid, Seems that the iPad would be the perfect combo with it? Can I have MS Office on it? I'm not up to date with all the new stuff, but am quickly seeing the benefits of having it for sure.

    KLC LAWN LawnSite Member
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    There are apps that allow all office docs to be used


    This is my current setup.... Ipad 2 ($399) wifi model, Iphone AT&T with upgraded data package to allow personal hotspot. And an Epson NX430 all in one ($69) printer in truck off a power inverter. The printer and ipad connect to the hotspot that my iphone creates and allows printing from the ipad or iphone. I make a console that sits on the seat of my F450 that houses the printer and has a flip top to put the ipad in and paper for the printer.

    I have a computer in the office that has quickbooks in it and can access it through ipad or iphone using teamviewer remote desktop if need be.

    Using Jobber which is cloud based access from any internet device. This does my contact management, estimates, invoices billing etc...

    Quickbooks strictly used for expense accounting linked to my bank account.

    Jobber is polishing functionality and will soon do everything I need. Very happy with this whole setup and allows me to handle a decent amount of workflow by myself.
  10. cpllawncare

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    Why not just use Quickbooks for everything? using the online version myself. It does everything short of routing and I think there is an addtion you can add to it that will even take care of that.

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