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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by RLS24, Dec 16, 2012.

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    You can steal wifi almost anywhere by me. No way I'm paying for a data plan on my phone and a tablet.
    Can you use a usb disk drive and install programs like realtime landscape pro on the surface?
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    I'd wait for the surface pro instead of the RT. The RT is like the ipad compared to macbook. Don't think of it as a full computer.

    If you wait next month for the surface pro to come out, it is a full computer with i5 processor. You could completely replace your laptop with that.

    Exact reason why I haven't bought one yet. I could get a wireless router but that's $65 a month, while the ipad is only $30. So money is money. So far sticking with my ipads, unless microsoft pulls their heads out of their ass and puts 3g in the surface.

    Not here. Your lucky to find a unlocked wifi. You'd screw yourself if you needed to find customer info and cant because you dont have internet access when you counted on it.
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    Surface starts at $499. I usually suggest the 32gb surface with a touch cover for $599. Most smartphones anymore have a hotspot feature, or as someone pointed out, Wi-Fi is almost everywhere.

    Good point bringing up the Pro v. RT. The RT only runs apps from the built-in Windows Store. It is quite extensive already, and truly does grow daily. If you have questions about a particular app, feel free to ask and I can check, or swing by your local computer shop and check it out on a Surface or Windows 8 machine.
    Another few things about the pro v. rt.. don't take this as putting down the pro, it will be a great rig for many people. I just don't think it has its place in the field yet.
    The battery life will be about half as long as the RT (around 4.5 hours)
    it will be about half as thick again (I believe around 14mm.. still very small for what it is)
    the price will be starting at $899 for a 64gb machine

    The RT has done everything I need so far, I haven't used my laptop since I bought this. The cloud storage integration is great, I have all of the files on my surface, in real time, as I do on my home computer. huge for me.

    the number one thing that is killer for me is the Office software built in. Not a day goes by that I don't use this. from billing to taking notes (i'm in hort. school right now) to writing papers and even making up powerpoint presentations to show to (potential) customers, it has been killer.
    If you want to check out a surface, head to your local Best Buy, Staples, or if you have one in your town, Microsoft Store. Word of warning, if you do head to BB or Staples, take what they say with a couple grains of salt. I was lucky enough to receive over a month of very in-depth training from Microsoft about Surface and all the rest of the stuff we sell, where I bet those guys might have heard a 3 hour lecture.

    again, if you have any questions, please ask. I really do like the surface, and i'm lucky to know its uses in our field
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    By the way- a 4g hotspot on its own costs 30/month from Verizon. i'm sure AT&T is the same. or $20 to add it to a current family plan. Well worth it if you aren't close to Wi-Fi often.
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    Only if you have one their shared plans. I'm not falling for that crap and changing my plans getting rid of my unlimited data for that.
  6. maelawncare

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    While you are working in the field. Are you going to use that thing more than 4hrs during the day? If so, then you should not be in the field, you should be in the office. It is a full computer, how do you expect greater than 4hrs.

    The pro is a laptop/desktop replacement. Do not compare it to the RT or a ipad. Compare it to a macbook or laptop. Throw in the keyboard and it is truly a laptop.

    Still, I'd love the have the surface. But I am not going to inconvenience myself of carrying around a hotspot or connecting it to my phone and draining its battery every time I need the internet.
  7. RLS24

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    Sorry I let this thread go! With the holidays and a couple snows storm we've had I've been busy haha

    Yes the plan is to have both.

    I have the iPhone and it seems to connect well with my PC so I'm presuming the iPad would work just as well

    I honestly think that I'd like to switch over to Mac at some point, BUT may main issue is I'd have to re-purchase Quickbooks and my landscape design software. Big $$ there. I also have all of my photography and graphics design software from when I went to college (and was purchased at an extremely discounted rate through the college) that I still use all the time. I think I'm kinda stuck in the PC world.

    its not so much the battery, I have my laptop wired up like a desktop with a separate keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, etc. So anytime I want to make it mobile, I have all that stuff to unhook.
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    My iPad goes to work with me everyday...I use my iPhone as a hotspot for my iPad.
  9. Ticolawnllc

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    Lap tops are so dead. I-pad with a life proof case is the way to go.
  10. Will P.C.

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    Get an IPAD and you will not regret it.

    In other news, I can't stand when contractors try and show me previous work on there cell phones. This is followed by a quick reply of I am not interested in hiring you. I don't want to look at your crappy cell phone pics on a tiny ass screen. Are you that cheap that you cannot afford a decent camera and learn to take pics?

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