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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by H2 Lawn, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. H2 Lawn

    H2 Lawn LawnSite Member
    from MT
    Messages: 17

    I know others have posted about their Ipad experience. I figured i would too just in case some might be missing out on some of its capabilities.

    Purchased mine 2 months ago. If you are someone who is interested in technology and what it can do. Stick with the Ipad for user friendliness, Syncing capabilities, function, and especially if you have a mac computer. Don't just have your equipment up to date stay ahead on the times mainly technology its seems to be a flow that is not stopping at the moment.

    The money and time this device is saving me is much more than expected. I have outfitted my crew with smart phones and pretty soon hopefully ipads and iphones. The networking ability has been great. Here are some ways i use it. Last year i corresponded with all my customers and asked them if switching to paperless invoices and newsletters would be something they would be interested in(EMAIL). The majority of them agreed. ( Making it convenient and simple for customers to contact you has been key in the growth of my business)

    Create custom spreadsheet on numbers which can be run from your ipad. I create professional proposals from pages from my ipad. I record all daily work and it automatically syncs to my main computer at home. it has built in maps for finding new jobs. I do presentations on it to new customers and it blows them away. we end up talking about it for 5 minutes afterwards( most of them go buy one, Mac owes me big! :) It receives and syncs all my emails along with my contacts and calendars. it does this between my Imac, Ipad, and soon enough Iphone. I never am stuck searching for a customer contact or address as well as being able to email them from the field and receive emails from them in the field which allows me to fulfill their request while Im still out. I don't miss appointments anymore either i have two devices in the felid reminding me hate to be forget things but when springs hits it GO GO GO (customers hate tardy bid meetings) I never have to punch in data twice it is already done for me. there are so many more pluses to this machine let me know if you have any questions I know i said a lot but it think you will enjoy it after you get it broken in and used to the software. also people see it and it screams professionalism i don't mean to sound like a snob thats not my intention. But we in the green industry seem to be looked down on as a bunch of hicks trying to make a buck. So our presentation not only woo's the customer but takes the green industry one more step in being established as a professional business with REAL expenses! Hope this helps
  2. Brodie

    Brodie LawnSite Member
    Messages: 122

    I have just ordered the first of what I hope will be many ipads for infield use. Once i have received the unit I will have a bit of a play around to see what it can do but ill defiantly give you a shout to see what I can really do with it.

    My main goals for the ipad in the field will be similar to yours. Im hoping that I will be able to make a great presentation that I can show the client as I am looking over the property. We also have online billing so going paperless will be a great advantage for us.
  3. TTM42

    TTM42 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 205

    I have an iPad also and would love to use it but if you keep it in the truck when the outside temp is 100 degrees and its 120 degrees in the truck thats a problem keeping it cool enough to even work, I have tried to think of ways that problem could be alleviated but havent come up with anything yet.
  4. H2 Lawn

    H2 Lawn LawnSite Member
    from MT
    Messages: 17

    I got a brief experience of that the other day and it was only 75 in the truck. It woke me up to the realization that this thing is going to be burning hot when we have our 100 degree weather and seeing as it has a black case. I do notice though that there is a difference between it being in direct sunlight and it just being in a hot vehicle. right under my drink carrier in my truck there is a accessible shaded area i am going to try and keep it in there for now. i also thought maybe one of those padded manila envelopes would not be bad to try.
    there is a case on here that says it has a heat resistant outside cover.
    let me know if you come up with anything else.
  5. H2 Lawn

    H2 Lawn LawnSite Member
    from MT
    Messages: 17


    Glad to hear it. Have you worked with mac products before? Paperless is a great way to save money and postage. The customers will love it in the field! Hope you enjoy your purchase!
  6. Dotens

    Dotens Banned
    Messages: 196


    Just curious how you use it for presentations? Before and after pics? I am considering getting one. Any apps you like?

  7. nlminc

    nlminc LawnSite Bronze Member
    from GA
    Messages: 1,671

    H2 Lawn, I agree with you in re to the use of the ipad for presentations to customers. I'm going to get the ipad or the Xoom. The Xoom beats the ipad tech wise and I have a droidx and...windows laptop that's why I'm leaning from the ipad. Both will do what I need for work and surfing the net.
    I have about $500.00 in best buy gift cards from rewards so I'm waiting to see which way I go.
  8. Brodie

    Brodie LawnSite Member
    Messages: 122

    Yeah I have run mac books for years and really liked that apple has just made everything simple. Im pretty tech savvy but I also enjoy simplicity in life so I hope the ipad will be as simple to use as they say.

    Im going with the ipad 2 so it should be interesting to see how the internal camera works out in the field.
  9. H2 Lawn

    H2 Lawn LawnSite Member
    from MT
    Messages: 17

    As far as presentations go i can give you an example. I am doing a landscape job for a couple that doesn't really know what they want. on the ipad you can surf the web for images when you find the one you want you can hold your finger down on it for 2 seconds and it allows you to copy that image right into your photos. The PHOTO app that comes with the ipad is extremely accessible and delivers quality images. So i grabbed different styles of curbing, shrubs, rocks, lights, etc.. and did a quick slide show for them on the ipad and they got to tell me what they liked and what they didn't like. it was simple for me and fun for them. Also when a new customer comes to talk to me about work or bids i grab it out of the truck and bring it inside with me and just grab all the contact info from them right in front of them and punch it into the ipad. when i do that it also saves all that info on my ipad, mac, and phone. you can create slideshows with the KEYNOTE APP and send them via email to customer. I create custom spread sheets on the NUMBERS app. And create professional proposals and flyers on the PAGES app. The WEATHER CHANNEL app allows me to look at 10 days forecast while I'm in the field so i can schedule better with the customer in front of me. If your a craigslist type of guy the craigslist app makes there website seem 20 years outdated. all of the apps allow you to pull straight from your photos and allow you to directly email that content weather it be a proposal, spreadsheet, a slideshow or a pdf document. this is one of those highly simplistic user friendly features just like print wirelessly to any printer on the network your on with the PRINT N SHARE app. I also have been enjoying the JUMBO CALCULATOR app for running the numbers on my proposals. A lot of these things can be run from your iphone but the interface size is far superior and makes apps like keynote numbers pages and photos so much easier. also it can convert your word docs. , excell docs. and read your pdf's. the biggest down side which i have gotten over by now because youtube has almost every video is they do not play adobe flash videos but does play all youtube videos. if your not really into high tech slideshows just use your photos app and don't buy the keynote app save yourself 10 bucks. Hope that helps! the the thing that really helped me was going into the store and demoing one for an hour.
  10. H2 Lawn

    H2 Lawn LawnSite Member
    from MT
    Messages: 17

    Awesome! then what i am talking about really makes since for you. not to mention being able to take advantage of it much quicker. Ipad 2 seems sweet the faster processor would be nice i am starting to question wether they are going to put in a usb plug (doubtful everything is going wireless) Hopefully some green industry techies build some sweet lawn care professional apps.

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