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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by AztlanLC, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. AztlanLC

    AztlanLC LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Does anyone own the iphone app landscaper seem like a good app I just wanted some feedbac thanks
  2. Rparker

    Rparker LawnSite Member
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    Same question from me... it's an expensive app. Anyone using it??
  3. GravelyWoman

    GravelyWoman LawnSite Member
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    I have it on my phone. And I am not impressed with it so far. It would be a lot better if it were broken down a little further. I do have the Landscaper Pro 2011 with picture import in my laptop. Now this software for your laptop or Ipad is great!! This 110.00 dollar investment has paid for itself probably about 10,000 times over!! I have made a ton of money from this program!


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