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    Now that I'm back on an iPhone. Finally freed from my purgatory with a droid. I think I'm just too apple intuitive to use anything non apple.

    My favorite two photography aps are camera+ and ProHDR. both make we a way better photographer than I am. The clarity feature on camera+ would be great for showing detail work in the field. ProHDR though is incredible for landscape shots. It takes two pics back to back in different resolutions and mixes the two photos for an amazingly good picture.

    I loaded a sports ap to follow the rangers and every 10 minutes I get a baseball clap and a score update. I've also noticed several forums are putting out aps. Plumber forum has one and IGIN has made their mag available through an ap. as for games it's WWF and SCRAMBLE. Gregg absolutely slaughters me in SCRAMBLE.

    For creative stimulation it's ARTSTUDIO

    Business wise it's Google Analytics and SEOCockpit
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    My Droid Incredible is having some issues. It's the software, not the hardware, and it happens anytime the phone does an update. I fixed it once with a patch, but now I can't find the website with the patch to download again. Keeps telling me my storage is full, which it's not, and won't synch with google mail.

    I don't use many apps. Weatherbug, FB, Red Sox and Rockies news. Square for accepting CC cards. But not much else.

    Read today that 600,000 MACs have been caught with a virus.
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    Must be all that tracking software mucking things up.
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    Are there any other apps out there that would be useful for irrigation?

    I got an email from Hunter about a Water Savings calculator App, but are there any others that will be useful to us?
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    They're all useless, it's about making money.

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    I realize you are overwhelmed work wise but what's your hobby irritation? I know you like cars but anything else? Any collectibles you like? Just askin. I'll see if an app exists for it. Gregg and I still play at least one scramble game a day. Occasionally we trade a few hows it going posts. If he didn't make a move for a couple of days d check up on him to be sure all is okay. At my sisters in other stuff which is better than yacking with them. I agree a lot of apps are time wasting money makers but I rarely pay more than 2.99 tops. No monthly fees for me.
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    and every PC on the planet
  8. irritation

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    I see how you are, soon the tek 13 splitter will be on your site. It's all about money.

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    Thank you for the compliment but I don't see myself making money with apps. I'm more into grunge saving products. Helping overworked souls get just a little more done each day.
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    Linux, baby, Linux :)

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