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my hoss on the start of the project

some of the worst digging I have seen on cape this year....this landscape was totally a builder special...1 inch of loam then sod,then compact clay with over pour teases..

The lay in

the clean up

zone running just a few 4X30 toro's on 6 inch pops and 8 Q's

800$ thank you!

a bandage after my foot incident 1 week ago

an estimate we did..poor pressure 6 gpm tops....5 zones of pgp's just for the front

The well head in front lawn

boots was here

a shot from proviencetown cape cod aka

foldable chair i found in a parking lot this past weekend

some more shots from ptown


my gf

my shobbel on the right 4 years and counting on this puppy

cape cod beach rose aka rosa regosa
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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