ipm and chinch bugs


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a lot of new (accounts) lawns are starting to get damaged by chinch bugs.i am an ipm company (try my best)the customers are getting mad.they don't wont to see another "extra application",they are just getting over the two applications of fungicides that they needed.
what to do?

i feel that they are just going to have to except it. the ones that are damanged are "thatchy"
i explained to them that the thatch has a lot to do with it.


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Try some organic compost to top dress with. The organisms (microbes)in compost will help to break down the thatch and if your chinch bugs are back in the spring, sell your customer a treatment then. I myself have trouble with people complaining about additional treatments. Granular diazinon is the cheapest treatment I've found, but the risidual sucks. Plus most people just want to spot treat (band-aid) the problem areas to keep down the app fees. When you eventually move up the food chain price and app fees no longer matter. Gee, I cant wait to get there.


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Anthony- I would figure to remove the thatch and apply diazinon. Thatch is always a breeding ground for insects. Mere treatments will only put off a problem that could come back. Maybe you can tell the custs. that you can put a freebie of diaz. down yet hike up the price of thatching to make up for the difference.
Proper IPM means dethatching and aerating bluegrass in the early spring. If you just aerate and dethatch in the spring you won't have problems if you just fertilize every 6 weeks.

If fact if you aerate and dethatch in early spring and late summer you can provide pesticide free lawncare.

But aerating and dethatching is hard work if you don't have the "right" equipment.