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  1. 1idejim

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    does anyone from lawnsite also belong to the ippca forum http://ippca.com ?
    if so has it been a good forum for you?

    i just registered yesterday and have no clues


  2. XStream Aquatics

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    Yes I have been with them for 4 years. I tell you without the IPPCA my business would have never grown to where it is today.
  3. tadpole

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    They are a good organization. Didn't know that they had a forum. Thanks for the info, just joined myself.
  4. ponddude

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    How have they helped you? I am thinking about going with them or Aquascape CAC program.. and they both seem like the same thing.

    From what I can gather I think Freddie who started it was a CAC and dropped out and started IPPCA and basically copied everything Greg did with Aquascape. He calls himself The Pondman and trademarked it, and Greg from Aquascape trademarked The Pond Guy years ago etc...

    I have mixed emotions about both. Its great to network with other contractors and learn more.. but why not have a org. like this forum that is free and some free events sponsored, and we can do the same thing without all the fees and BS. Then get some business help from a organization like SCORE that is free.

    I doubt customers know the difference between a CAC and ICCPA or even if it matters at all to them.. they just want a good looking feature at the best price by a contractor they like and trust.
  5. ponddude

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    My mistake..looked at the ICCPA website and Freddie is not the president, just apart of it.

    Freddie Combas, owner of Florida Water Gardens, Inc. and known in the water garden industry as The Pondman™ is a founding member and presides on the Board of Directors of the I.L.A. (Int’l. Landscape Alliance), a water garden industry contractor coalition group. Freddie is also a founding member and Board of Advisor member of the I.P.P.C.A. (International Professional Pond Contractors Association)
  6. The Pondlady

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    Freddie Combas is the External Affair Director of the IPPCA.

    Rocke' Huntington is the President of the association and also one of the founding members.

    IPPCA has an annual event that is FREE (except food & lodging) to all members. http://www.infotanza.com. Check out the testimonials from last year's event. http://ippca.com/InfoTanza-Testimonials

    The difference between a CAC and a CPPC KNOWLEDGE of INDUSTRY WIDE equipment. CAC's are certified that they know Aquascape equipment. A CPPC has knowledge of much more than just ONE manufacturer's equipment, not to mention fish health and other items that are covered on the exam.

    Along with everything else, IPPCA members get product discounts from many manufacturer's through other IPPCA member's.

    One gentlement saved over $4,000 on his first job in the spring of 2009 just because he was an IPPCA member. Is that worth spending $200 in dues?
  7. ponddude

    ponddude LawnSite Member
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    good point.. i didnt know their event was free.. i think Aquascapes pondomonium event is like 600! I am going to look into the Ippca a little more.

    One of the reasons I was drawn to Aquascape was that they also had marketing material you can use... but I then learned it is very pricey and it helps brands Aquascape and not my company with their logos and info all over the material.
  8. The Pondlady

    The Pondlady LawnSite Member
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    You're right they have marketing materials IPPCA isn't selling products so they don't have marketing material made up. However you can get some really great ideas from some really great guys, like XStream Aquatics.

    IPPCA is here to Promote, Protect and Advance the Pond and Waterscape Industry.

    Isn't that what you are trying to do?
  9. just pondering

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    I was to a CAC at one point and only left because of you can only use there equipment. I've been out of the loop for a while, but i was looking into joining the ippca to a few years ago but i didn't because from reading the forum it seamed that there was a lot of product bashing going on at the time and from what it looked like it was from mainly one manufacture but like i said it's been awhile since i've looked on the forum. my question is has things changed because I would like to still consider joining.

    Jeff M
    Pondering Waters, MI
  10. The Pondlady

    The Pondlady LawnSite Member
    from Georgia
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    I think anytime someone gets burnt, whether by a customer, supplier or loved one they seemed to voice their displeasure verbally. I think what you were reading a few years ago was just that. Some of the IPPCA members had been CAC's and because they joined IPPCA AI dropped them as a CAC. Why, you will have to ask AI, because many installers don't know.

    I think what you will find on their message board now is honest experience truth. Not everyone loves one supplier's products. There is many well seasoned installers that post on that board and I feel any pond installer would benefit from being a member of IPPCA.

    Just remember joining an Association is kinda like a savings account. "You put nothing in, you will get NOTHING out.

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