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    Suppose some lots could be cleared using a wheeled blower?
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    Our power came back on yesterday afternoon:clapping: An Army of Linesman showed up yesterday morning from all over the country and a gave a huge boost to what was already here. So the power on time estimate was cut short by a couple of days(at least for us). Hopefully the rest of the Country and our area will get back to normal soon.
    Usually our long term outages come in the winter time with Ice storms. Had one that lasted 7 days and 2 weeks for some. Don't have to work during that time except for the cleanups.
    Not sure if a wheel blower would blow these big sticks. My back pack blower will only blow them so far.
    You have to break it to your tightwad customers--I am not going to pick up all these limbs for free. So far, none of them have the lawns ready to mow.
    Parts of Fla were really hit hard ie The Keys, Naples, Jacksonville, parts of Miami etc. Charleston here was flooded. The Storm just blew up in size after it hit Fla. The East coast got the worst of the Flooding. Any place East of the center got hammer worse than others. 1 in 4 homes were destroyed in parts of the Keys. The Keys are beautiful but you know one day a Hurricane is going to wipe you out.
    We are all lucky that Cuba and some of the other mountainous Islands took some of the punch out of this Storm. Not lucky for them of course and that is terrible. Just sitting ducks for Hurricanes in Island country surrounded by water:dizzy:
    Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day. High in the low 80s!
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    We have a spike in Fire ant mounds since Irma came to town. Just everywhere. The most I have seen all Summer
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    It still ain't over for a lot of people. There's still piles of brush, garbage and unrepaired damage in my community. Phone rings non stop for clean ups , tree take downs. Lots of blue tarps on roofs. We are so lucky it diminished to what it did. I've got 6 temp guys working with us. A lot of people lost all their food, wages from work, depleted savings evacuating, even their jobs.

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