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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by hmartin, Jul 21, 2006.

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    I would like to extend the fall color of my bermuda lawns as much as possible. I haven't done iron applications in the past outside of the 2% that is in the granular fertilzer that I use. I have 3 lawns in particular that have generated me some extra business because they looked so good. I would like these lawns to look extra good for as long as possible. How much difference will a foliar app. of iron make? How long will it last on bermuda? Will it be noticeable and make the lawn stand out?

    My supplier has Gordan's Ferromec AC, Growth products Xtra Iron 9%, and a couple of Roots products like FE 8, Longgreen, Ironroots.

    Has anyone used these? TU, do you apply iron in the fall?
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    A few of the hybrid lawns I do are sprayed with Primo 3 times during the Summer. Each time I also spray Iron to prevent any discoloration.

    My last fertilization goes down in August normally, so doing a September application of Iron works well. If you spray then, I would also suggest adding some 0-0-62 to the mix. It needs the K going into the dormant season. You can even do it in October as long as the turf still has color.

    The product I use is called Multigreen, which also contains other minors.
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    Does anyone use 0-0-50 Sulfate of Potash in the fall on bermuda?
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    Consider using 5-10-31 10% iron, I've used that on Bermuda lawns late in the season and have seen a extended green by 4-6 weeks. Lesco carries that blend as I sure others do to.

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