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  1. J.J.

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    I have a yard that I picked up mid-season so I do not know how much N Tru-green has put on it. Here where I live we are going from 95 degrees to 76 degrees with pooring rain in June and July. This yard is a fescue bluegrass blend and I am wanting to put an Iron product on it to green it up, instead of pushing the nitrogen which will make the brown patch explode.

    Long story short the poduct I have is a granual with 22%iron and 55% elemental sulfur. I was planning on puting it down 4lbs per 1000. Do I need to worry about burn with the spikes in heat we are having.
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    I do not trust granules under those conditions. You make no mention of automatic irrigation for when it stops raining and the heat bakes everything. I have seen granules burn lawns wherever they landed under those conditions. I would rather use something like Ferromec, sprayed on right after it has stopped raining, but before the lawn gets drought stressed.
  3. J.J.

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    They do have a irrigation system with a well, so watering will not be a problem. I just didn't know if putting the sulfer down would be. Normally I do sulfur applications in the spring and fall when it is cool.
  4. vegomatic40

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    Most TG apps contain no more than .5 lb of N/K. Depending on the analysis of the fert. that you have you shoud be able to put it down with no problem. Have a soil test done to determine if sulfur rate would be excessive.
  5. Whitey4

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    I cut one property that TG services, and I will **** in my hat and eat it if they aren't putting down a lb of N every time they treat. I put down heavy N this year on my lawns. 3/4 lb first app, 1/2 lb second. Next round at 1/4 lb next week. The TG lawn has had as much as 6 inches of top growth I had to cut, weekly. BTW, I cut at 3"s, so I'm talking about grass 9"s high. Lawn takes me twice the time to cut. Now, it looks lousy.

    Taking off more than half the top growth is BAD. My lawns never got so out of control. I have to double cut the TG lawn. When I do mow, it's brown. Now, it's getting heat stressed more than my lawns too. A half pound of N per K? NOT around here! I also think they just did a 4th freakin fert app already! The first one was early March. Early heavy spring N is a great way to have a fine looking lawn for about 2 months, IF you cut twice a week.

    N starved turf in the spring will develop a deeper root system in search of N. Early spring apps cause less root development, more drought and summer stress suseptabilty.

    These guys are POUNDING this lawn with N! The KGB is all screwed up.... it doesn't know what to do with all that N. I REALLY hate TG.... I mean, like HATE, in the true sense of the word!
  6. greendoctor

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    Don't you just hate that. I have a client who uses me for tree and shrub applications only because his "landscaper" is not equipped nor is knowledgeable to do them correctly. The fool must be slamming the zoysia with over a lb of N per month in the form of a goddish rate of granules. The grass is growing over 4" per week and zoysia never grows that fast. I normally go to 1/2 or less per month in the summer and balance that with equal amounts of K. Not my problem. The "landscaper" has to mow the lawn. It is scalped after every cut because the grass is overgrowing. I do not have to mow any of the lawns I treat, but I NEVER do anything like that. It is contrary to health management to make a lawn overgrow so it is scalped at every mowing. If I want a lawn green, that is what foliar K and micronutrients are for.
  7. vegomatic40

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    Not sure about their dry apps as those are pretty much regional and the tech's rarely use the same spreader settings. They may tighten up on that with the increases in fert. prices. Standard liquid apps use a 17-0-5 base mix calibrated at .50lbN/K. (That is subject to the whims of the tech as well, regulators typically get jacked up) Most use all-soluble so you may be seeing the results of frequent apps that release very quickly and cause surge growth.
  8. mngrassguy

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    As to your original question, no, iron nor sulfer will "burn" a lawn like N would.
  9. cod8825

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    We do are apps like this J.J.

    First app 1/4 N with 1/2K with 2%Fe
    Second app 1/4N with 1/2K with 2%Fe
    Third(summer) with insecticide 1/2N and 1/2K with 4%Fe
    Fall 3/4N and 1/2K 6%Fe
    Winter 1 1/2N

    Are lawns are green almost all summer and most lawns are hardly irrigated and the owns that are we only allow to be irrigated twice a week period.
  10. stressed

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    You gotta get 3 lbs of N down before summer gets here and it gets too hot to apply.This will keep grass green thru summer till fall with a little water help.That is what the customer wants...a green lawn

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