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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by RigglePLC, Sep 22, 2012.

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    So...I tested iron solution sprayed on grass. I used Bonide ferrous sulfate containing 15 percent iron. I added 8 ounces to a quart of water--normally this would cover about a thousand sqft with my hand sprayer. Like last year, it did not dissolve completely, but left a bit of undissolved residue in the bottom of the sprayer; no problem.

    I sprayed two 4-foot square areas, with about 18 inches of untreated grass between in the center behind the clump of tall fescue. I sprayed twice over on the left and once over on the right. It rained after about 8 hours, and the photos were taken after about 24 hours.

    After 7 hours, a dark color was visible--a blackish stain or residue. Brown crabgrass in the area was stained distinctly black, (second photo). Dandelions were stained somewhat black also.


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    have you ever compared different iron products. I have been thinking about doing it my self but never have. I was going to use feromec and another one my rep had that was "the best" can't remember the name off the top of my head but to see if the color is better and last longer. hope you have some insight bc I can't seem to find the time.
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    Was the dandelion sprayed with a w/c? Is it curling up or just black? Also, it turned dead or dying crabgrass brown?
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    I have no compared iron products. I don't have any additional iron product on hand. Sorry.
    I noticed the crabgrass was half dead due to 41 degrees temp we had last week. The iron really stained the brownish leaves black. On green grass leaves the black stain does not show as much...maybe it is just as much stain.

    I am not sure if the dandelions had weed control on them--probably so--as I spot sprayed weeds on this lawn last week.
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    The stain is just a side effect from physical contact,,, the real question is will it be taken up by the plant and be noticable improved color... :)

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