Iron on's for shirts

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Chris B., Dec 23, 2008.


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    It's been a couple of years, but I believe it was about $70. I think it was well worth it. I get complemented on my shirts all the time. I'm actually shopping around, though, because the place I get my shirts made have been angering me. lol
  2. Chris B.

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    Thanks alot guys. I seen a few people talking about iron ons and thought I would give them a try, I guesnot though huh...LOL. Anybody have any recommendations on websites for screen printing?
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    for my tree care business I use stiches and use queensboro, setting up one through Landsend for some nicer equipment. They have been great so far and I know they also do sreenprinting

    Local might be cheaper for that.

    I like Landsend and because of the low min. and price.

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