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    Hey guys: This Tennessee guy has NEVER put any Iron on the ground because our ground back in Tn was NEVER deficient. Now coastal ground which mostly sand needs Iron. The Lesco guy suggests 3%. How would I apply this stuff and how much would I put down on a 1/2 lot? I'm guessing it comes in a bag and stains concerete so I've got to be careful there and spreading it with a standard spreader BUT how much. If the bag comes in a 50# bag and it is 3%, is it measured the same as we do our fertlilzer? Thanks in advance, Roy
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    Lesco sells alot of Fert./Iron combination products with 3-5% Iron that you put down with your typical broadcast spreader, you can also spray it down. Your question is vague in regards to how much to apply, but the bags give instructions. We use Iron periodically in our area which is very sandy. I notice that the lawns we applicate appear greener,than our competitiors, and I attribute a bit of this to the Iron. Be careful around the sidewalks, pool decks, other cement, especially if you will have another idividual responsible for the application.
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    I understand your question, Yes its the same, its composition if you reach in the bag and remove a tea spoon 3% is iron if you reach in the bag and remove a gallon its 3% iron. On the bag are recomended spreader settings.

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