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Ha anyone ever used Ironite? I bought some the other day to put on my lawn and was wondering how effective it is. Could I mix this with my fert. to get a quick green up on some of my commercial accounts?<p>Homer
Homer, I've never used it on any of my customer's lawns or plants. I have, however used at home. <p>I have a magnolia tree that I planted the first year in this house and I really like the thing. It had really started to look terrible and I was afraid I might lose it. There was evidence of mites (or something like a mite) eating the leaves and a lot of the leaves had turned sickly green to yellow, as well as a lot of leaves dropping. <p> I happened to be in a nursery and got to talking about the magnolia and was told to use the Ironite. Took a box home that day and applied it. Within 3 days my magnolia had started coming back to life. Within two weeks it looked like normal and soon whatever was eating the leaves took up residence elsewhere. GREAT STUFF!<p>I hadn't thought of using it on a lawn because of the cost, but if you do let us know the results.
I have been using Ironite for the pass three years on lawns. I use it to help the grass green up during winter here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Most of the lawns do no go completly doremant, so to help keep the lawns green without making it grow too much, use this only with my best clients. I do this during the rainy season. If you want a faster greeining effect, use liquid iron kealate.This method works just about overnight. Can't use either method too much though because it will change the ph of soil if you use enough.

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