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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Harry0, Apr 10, 2005.

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    I did a small landscape renovation job Fri. It is located at a complex we have maintained for 6 years. There are condos and single family houses on a private street. The association hires us to do the front yards and the single family homeowners hire us on thier own for the backs. We were to change the stone in the back from riverstone to white and pink Marble. The entrance of the backyard was next to the neighbors driveway, using his drive saved us from going over 40ft of turf. The neighbor is also a customer of ours and a easy going nice guy. These are summer homes and it didnt look like there was anyone in the neighbors home. We used half of thier(the neighbors) driveway to park our small dump truck. And with a coal chute and wheeled 3 tons of stone to the back. That night I got a call from him saying we left a huge mess in his drive and he could not believe we used his drive. I apologised and said I would be there first thing to clean-up the drive.-Next day I got there at 8:30 he started going off on me saying his son was stuck in the house all day because he was too bashful to ask us to move the truck so he could get out of the garage. He was very pissed. I cleaned up the drive which was not bad at all(not even a half of a flat shovel of sand). I told him I will powerwash his drive(which is a waste). I know I took liberties in using his drive(and will not do so again) but I think I did everything I could to straighten it out. Any comments or other things I could have done?-Actually most of all I wanted to vent-out-
    Thanks Harry
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    And to think its the first of April and the start of the season what a way to start, you did allright, kid needs to learn to speak up.
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    If the kid can't speak up for himself, then he deserves to sit inside all day. Next time you have this situation, it may be better to secure use of the driveway.
  4. Harry0

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    Thanks for replies
    I was just thinking ........if this is the worst problem of the year I will have a awesome season
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    I would have asked first, but OMG what an edit! How old was his son?, 4! Some people are or want to be hard a$$es just to cover thier insecurities. :realmad:

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