Irregular circle issues?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Drew Gemma, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. Drew Gemma

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    Customer has a fire pit irregular circle caps were terrible so before I reply as to a fix how do you lay a perfect circle over an iregular circle. Handy wall stone with ledges knocked off they glued them 3 high just short of 6 feet od base looks good and pit is linned with sand pretty decent. Distributor said handy wall stone has a 6ft min circle id.

    Also if I have to replace who structure and you want to go smaller than min allowance could you make to cuts in each course at the diameter like putting 2 halfes together and put to accents on the caps to hide the imperfection but make it look like a designed look. Hard to explain I want to help this customer out but on the other had my hardscape experience is minor at best.
    Thanks guys any information would be great.
  2. ChampionLS

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    1) bang a steel stake in the lawn/ground.
    2) Figure out the diameter of your circle for the caps. Take 1/2 that measurement (radius) and make a string line with a loop in the end. Put the loop over the stake and pull it tight. Mark the radius measurement on the string with a knot or ribbon.
    3) Take a cap, and place it on the ground with the back towards the stake. Pull the string over the center so the knot/ribbon lines up with the face. Make sure the cap is perpendicular to the string (90* at the back).
    4) now pull the string to each side (left and right). The string should not be exactly to the edge, but close enough so you can draw a line along the string with a marker/crayon and only cut the sides. (never ever ever! cut anything off the face- only the sides) If your caps are 16" wide, when you make cuts on the ends.. the faces should always remain 16".

    If you mark all your caps this way- exactly the same angle, you will build a perfect circle- and where one cap butts up to the next, it will be equal length.
  3. Drew Gemma

    Drew Gemma LawnSite Bronze Member
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    so this would let me build perfect caps over a bad circle with little or no visability of the underlying problem
  4. zedosix

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    It will make a bad job look better if the caps are in a perfect circle. It depends on how much your cirlce is off. If it is off alot the caps will likely overhang an inch or two in some places and be flush with the facing in other places. Pictures help.
  5. Drew Gemma

    Drew Gemma LawnSite Bronze Member
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    we measured it and it is off about .25 inch at the most but we always make cir. caps by using the cir on a cir formula I have it on paper it is my cheat sheet but with it being off that doesn't work. I like to make 2 cuts per cap to make each piece the same angle. Another method is to cut one side by stacking 2 marking under and you have the next angle but usually you have one odd finish piece which isn't the look I like. Who ever built it did great except keeping the cir. right. just looking for the easiest formula to make the caps look good the customer is new and we have fixed many problems so far this one is a stump.
  6. ChampionLS

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    It's really all about math and geometry. heres a drawing that will help you out.

    offset the cap 1" past your circle diameter. Pull a string from the center of your circle down the center of the cap. (make sure it's 90*) move the string to the right and draw a line. do the same to the left. Make sure you dont cut anything off the face..offset your line just a little.

  7. AztlanLC

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    Well I would use a string like previously suggested but don't make a cut on one side only it looks bad in my opinion, just separate the caps and leave a even gap between the two, measure it and cut it 1/4" less, I usually cut every other cap but if the cut is going to be more than 2" on a 12" cap I cut them all.
    Look at the drawing the dotted line is a perfect circle first drawing shows the caps aligned you don't really have to install that many just 4 or 6 since all are going to be the same diameter.


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