Irrigander 2 Splitter Now Available

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    I am pleased to announce that the new Irrigander® 2 Splitter is now available for purchase. The Irrigander 2 Splitter is a 2 zone expander that allows adding an additional irrigation valve without adding new field wiring and without using an additional output on the irrigation controller. The Irrigander 2 Splitter is installed close to the valves to be controlled. Connect the two Irrigander 2 Splitter outputs to the two valves to be controlled and set the irrigation controller to the total run time desired for the two valves. The Irrigander 2 Splitter will divide the zone run time equally between the two valves each time the zone is activated.

    Be sure to visit our web site to learn more about the Irrigander 2 Splitter and our other new products.

    Don Walker
    DuWa Products LLC
    Los Gatos, CA
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