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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by B16bri, Nov 4, 2013.

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    Hey guys I'm about to close on a new house and IDE like to install an irrigation system on the property. I sit on 1 acre of land and my entire house water supply is from a private well. So it's obliviously it really important I don't run out of water because than toilets won't work can't shower wash dishes laundry Etc. I unfortunely don't know much on the well I do know it dug down over 300 feet and I believe the water table in my area is kinda high so my question to you guys is is installing an irrigation system on a well possible ? What concerns could I face ? Who was experience with sprinkler systems and wells and how did it turn out
    Thanks Brian
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    You should be able to get the well production logs at the title company. They have copies of all docs that are pertenent to the property. You should also do a two hour pump
    Down test of the well. That's for starters
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    Well pumps weren't made for the water demand irrigation system's use.

    I would suggest getting a 500-1000 gallon storage tank and an on demand pump for the irrigation
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    Some states even have all their permit logs online. In Illinois, you can search the ISGS-PRI website for the records of wells drilled in the State. It includes water and related well data for private water wells, engineering borings, and stratigraphic borings.
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    This is not always the case. Here it is very common to have the driller install a 1 or 1.5 hp pump on a regular house. Those pumps make 18 and 28 gpm with our water table levels. So that leaves plent for the house and system.

    But I have never seen or heard of the reports you guys talk about with well depth, water level, and production rates. I am usually on my own to figure it out.
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    I have over 500 systems on homes with wells.One of them my own.
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    Did you look at the pressure tank? Some companies will write depth and gpm in magic marker right on the tank. As Jim says , do a pump down test and see what the well is actualy making.
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    Here are two examples of what we have to start with from the filing permits that are required. One is more out of date than the other so it has less information but some have everything you need. Personal field tests are always completed too to verify.

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    I've seen wells that never got close to making the amount of water that was claimed in the documentation. Test the well. Run it for hours.
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    All I can add, would be to monitor the recharge, that counts, as well.

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