Irrigation and ruts

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GrassBlaster, Dec 4, 2003.

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    In reading the post about the ruts from the Ferris hydro, I began to think seriously about a problem of my own....

    I have recently taken over a yard that is rutted. The owner had done all previous work himself, and has mowed the same pattern over and over and over.... Now the yard is extremely rutted. I'm not sure the size and type of his mower, however, since I began I have switched patterns weekly.

    Scott's Turf stated, "I have had one lawn in the past that rutted bad. The reason was overwatering. I mowed it in 4 different directions and still had ruts. Then somthing failed in his irragation system and was not able to use it for a month and the soil became much firmer. " I believe this is a major ingredient of this problem. Everytime I go to mow here, the ground is extremely moist. I don't know his watering schedule, but I am sure that he is overwatering. Problem is, except for the ruts, the lawn is beautiful. We're in transitional zone 7, and he has bermuda, overseeded with fescue for the fall/winter. right now, I am mowing his fescue at 3.75 - 4" and it is beautiful.

    How do I approach him about this issue? I am a little nervous to roll and aerate due to all the sprinkler heads and lines, plus he is extremely proud of his yard. He has never mentioned the ruts, but the yard has so much more potential, I would love to get rid of them. He is an extremely valuable customer to me and I don't waon't to offend him. Do I bring up the subject with him, or wait until the spring and see how the bermuda looks?
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    Have you noticed any reducion in the ruts since you have started mowing the property? If not, bring it up in the spring with him. I don't think that he will be offended by your intrest in making his lawn more beautiful.
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    Most people have this thing in their head that they have to water for 40 minutes a zone twice a day, every day of the week. That is way too much water for a lawn. If he is extremely proud of his lawn, he should be happy you are looking out for his best interest. I simply refuse to mow a lawn that is that saturated. :cool:
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    You had mentioned that you don't know his watering schedule, but his lawn looks beautiful. If it is that moist all the time when you are there, watering it less surely isn't going to hurt. Actually it will help, as it will alleviate these conditions. As Mr. Aponte said, people go hog wild with the watering thing more is better, when in all actuality, they are just bypassing the root zone, and pushing more water down deeper that is going to waste. Depending on the soil condition, this guy could probably cut his watering by 60-70%, and still be doing well. As far as the aeration idea goes, that is probably the LAST thing this lawn actually needs. I can understand a rolling, perhaps, but that would be about it. Any roller that you have to take over that lawn one time is not going to justify the need for aeration.

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