Irrigation and wells.

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by KenH, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. KenH

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    Let me preface by saying I am not an irrigation contractor. In this case, I am Joe Homeowner looking for a new install, but I am on a well.

    What are the cons?? Ive never had a capacity problem with the well, and I think my pressure is around 50 PSI. Would this be a recommended practice??
    Thanks all.
  2. greenworldh20

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    you should contact a local irrigation contractor...he/she would be better suited to evaulate your needs.

  3. MikeK

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    Installing a system on a well can be very tricky. It's important to make sure that the contractor measures the flow and pressure of the well and that the system is designed to minimize the cycling of your well. This is not something for a do it yourselfer. Get in touch with a qualified local contractor
  4. The Lawn Boy Pro

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    Water pressure isnt as much of a concern (but still is) as water quanity. Its the same thing with CFM from a backpack blower.
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    Wells are no problem , but call the proper local government agency that has the records on your well they generally have the wells capacaty in gallons per minute. Depend on the well system the flow can decrease in a period of time, known as the recovery rate. I have worked on systems that work perfectly for half an hour then run out of water . A flow test at the hose bib will only give you the flow at that time , A well with a low recovery rate can produce a reading of 15 gallons per minute for 10 minutes if the well has 150 gallons in storage below ground. And when that water is gone the flow rate goes down to a trickle. If records are not available we have the customer run the water for 4 hours steady full open and then take a reading .

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