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Irrigation Blowout/Winterizing

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My brother owns a small lawn cutting operation and has been asked by some of his clients if he does Irrigation Blowout before the frost hits. He doesn't have compressors but in my business I have them (tow behind truck size). I know of people that take a month off of their regular job to blowout irrigation in my area, business must be pretty decent. So since I already have the expensive equipment and my brother has a contact list already started we thought we would give it a go this coming season. I am looking for information on the correct procedure to blowout irrigation and what kinds of hookups we need to connect to all the different kinds of system hookups. High CFM and low PSI right?

I blew out my irrigation last year with my equipment and everything worked out fine but I was quite cautious and its took quite a while. So I'm not sure if that was is normal or if I was pushing more mist through than necessary.

If there is a post on this forum somewhere I must have missed it, if you would give me a nudge in the right direction it will be most appreciated.
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Really really bad timing...........The opportunity here is so great that I'm speechless.:cry:
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