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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by RippinV, Mar 11, 2002.

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    OK, my next delema. I am considering an irrigation system for my home. I have about .42 acres and a 1500sq ft home, normal two car attatched garage and driveway. Currently I am watering with hoses and spriklers and would like to automate the process and be assured that my water quantity and frequency is accurate. I have had a couple qoutes that seem a bit peculiar and would like a rough guesstimate on what it may cost to do this job. I am a do-it-urselfer but would probably leave this one to the pros. Just want the lawn system, no bed pipe. Can you help with $$ and anyone in my area, S. CT.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    I dont know what the going rate per zone is in your area but i think a universal rule of thumb would apply here that if you want a good quality system it's probably not going to come from the cheapest quote. The cheap ones are most likely the ones who do not know how to design or install properly or legally (backflows,taps,etc if applicable). I would focus more on the quality of the company such as their clientel, professionalism, years in business, etc. Contractors that are successful did not get that way by being the cheapest on the block but by doing quality work. A good contractor will tell you that you can pay him to do it right the first time or pay him later to come back and fix what the cheap guy did wrong (this choice is usually more expensive). In most cases it will be worth the money in the long run.
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    I dont mind paying more for qaulity workmanship that will last but I also don't want to get taken. Thus when someone told me $900 for a system I said gee thanks but no thanks, to good to be true. On the other side of the spectrum a guy told me $4-5K, again I said thanks but no thank I don't need gold plated plumbing. Most have suggested that the $2K range would be a good figure for quality product and workmanship. Does this sound correct? Obviously their are a ton of variables to consider but a ball park figure should help give me an idea.
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    Get a Hunter residential design book by going to their web site and downloading or get one from an irrigation house. Learn what you should have and then you'll know the skinny on the quotes.

    Plan on about $100 per head more or less for the job. Less than $90/head i'd be worried. Over $130/head I would want it justified.

    There are also other Hunter tech bulletins on head spacing, matched precipitation nozzles that help educate. Use these resources and believe them. I build systems this way all the time and I don't care if it ever rains in NJ because my stuff gets the job done.

    $2,000 is not enough money for a 16-17,000 ft lawn. I quoted one last night for the front and sides of a smaller site probably less than 3,000 ft of turf, drive bore, long run of pipe in crawl space, 8 rotors and 12 spray heads, 4 zones for $2,450.00.

    No way you'll purchse the job you need done for a site your size for 2K. Think 3's or low 4's of K's.

    If your site was 130' x 130' or 16,900 sq ft it would take 25 heads ona 32.5' square spacing to cover the site. Do due real world dimensions and site variations and there is a house and drive to border and interupt lay out, you'll need more heads.
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    Harold, thanks very much that is valuable info. I will take the advise and do some research at Hunter and go from there. Not that I am doing anything real soon but do you do work in S. CT??


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