Irrigation Direct controllers- an update

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by irrig8r, Jul 16, 2007.

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    Just wanted to give a quick update on my experiences so far with the DMC.

    I've installed 10 of their controllers, replacing everything from an old Hydro Rain HR 6100 to an Irritrol MC 12... and working with customers from a young couple to a high tech CEO to an elderly widow.

    So far, 6 indoor mount and 4 outdoor mount DMC controllers installed. And I just ordered 3 more of each.

    I'm happy with the features, and my customers are happy with the ease of use. IMO there are some nice improvements over the Hunter Pro-C.

    So far I had one problem with a base module. They had a new one out to me before I could send in the bad one.

    One thing I was concerned about was price shopping by prospective customers. Hasn't been a problem. I give them an installed price, including my labor and all materials (varies by the number of stations of course, both in terms of extra modules and extra time anticipated to tidy up the wiring)

    Basically, I'm charging the same as if I were installing a Pro-C or ESP-M, which seems to improve the bottom line.

    I make sure that my sticker is prominently situated on the box, and encourage them to call me first with any programming questions. Basically, I can afford to give them better service and a better product (IMO.) It's been a win-win.
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    Are you using their valves?
  3. irrig8r

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    I've used 10 of the valves so far on a couple different jobs, replacing Hit, Irritrol 700 and Buckner.... all worked fine. (The Buckner is sold as Ewing's house brand Landscape Products valve these days... but they redesigned the bonnet from when these were installed so a retrofit wasn't possible.)

    The unconventional designs of the Hit and Irritrol 700 valves have always bothered me. Too many parts in the 700s, and I've seen rust on the hinge piece. And the round ball style diaphraghm of the Hit has seeped on a couple jobs.

    On another job I replaced Richdel and Rainjet A/S valves because two were leaking and amazingly root bound and the mainline emerged next to a PVB for the backyard that had been installed later...'

    I removed and reinstalled the PVB (a little higher off the ground and replaced corroded galv. nipples and fittings) and added PVC ball valves for isolating front and back yards after the PVB, then a new manifold with ID valves for the front.

    Anyway, these new ID valves are working great for now... only time will tell. From a maintenance point of view, the 4 SS bolt design is superior to 6 or 8 Phillips screws of something like an RB DVF...and I've always liked reverse flow valves.

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