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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by irrig8r, Feb 16, 2007.

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    Don't know if any of you have seen the ads in a couple of trade magazines... email them and give them the code number from the ad and get a cool looking logo embroidered hat within a few days.

    Anyway, I did that, and it was the hook that got me to check out their site (

    It's kind of interesting.

    Basically, they took a Weathermatic 12000 series valve, and changed the solenoid to a typical Hardie/ Richdel/ Irritrol thread pattern. Brass inserts in the body, four stainless hex bolts. A time-tested design, but with a solenoid change.

    They also offer a controller that is 90% a Hunter Pro-C, but with a base of six stations, and expandable by 3 to 15. Includes a patented (adjustable) auto daylight savings change, a lithium backup battery access door, a spring loaded manual holder and other stuff.

    The modules are interchangeable with Hunter Pro-C modules, and the Hunter remote works with it too.

    Their prices are phenomenal. They offer a 3 year warranty. You can call and talk to the President and CEO (Bill Hayes, formerly of Automatic Rain > Horizon and R-Co parts.)

    And maybe it's just cause I'm in CA and they are too, but the carton (shipping included in the valve price) arrived next day.. placed my order 3 PM on Thursday, package arrived noon on Friday. BTW, shipping is by DHL and trackable online almost by the hour...mine went from Dublin, CA, down to Fresno (to DHL's distribution center) and then back to me in San Jose, CA. I betcha they could get an order to anywhere in the country in a couple of days.

    The two products they offer so far are sold by case quantities only: 10 inline valves or 3 modular controllers. Each case comes with a free hat. They say they stock replacement parts too. They plan to offer pop-up spray heads and nozzles soon.

    Anyway, I'm impressed with the service. the valves are basic, no frills but sturdy and proven design. Overall, a positive experience.
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    When it comes to obtaining quality irrigation products, the first thing I ask is "Do I get a free hat?" :p
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    Well, I know... that would be pretty stupid... however, the free hat just for contacting them was part of what got my attention enough to hit their website, and from there I hemmed and hawed a little until I saw that Bill Hayes was involved... and that got me off the fence to make the decision to place an order and give them a try.

    The free hat in every box is probably a way for them to overcome the Hunter Preferred/ Rainbird Rewards points thing. And maybe good marketing to suck guys like me in... and get you to advertise for them :)

    But the value is definitely there... if you can get over the fact that there is no "brick and mortar" store to get your stuff from, or take it back to when there's a problem.

    It's a different business model to be sure... but somehow I think it will catch on with both contractors and DIYs with big enough projects for case quantities.
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    I checked them out as well. Feel like they are making a copy of a copy. And what do you tell your customers; well I am going to try a new product line that copies other manufacturers but it will save me 20 bucks or so, can I use your system to see if they reliable over the next couple of years btw I got a free hat so I can advertise for them? I want to know where the parts are made.

    The prices are not great. Maybe save 5%??

    And I remember hearing somewhere on this site something to the effect of "The bitterness of poor quality will last longer then the bitterness of price"
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    Irrig8ter, I have a question for you Cali companies. In the state where I live it is common for LCO's to have a tax exempt number and they don't pay taxes on their supplies since they pass the tax onto the enduser. A company in CA said that everyone pays tax when getting supplies, any input?
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    i want a free hat... give me the promo code....
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    I pay sales tax on all purchases. Irrigation Direct is in CA, so I pay sales tax when I buy from them too.

    I used to have a resale number back in the early 80s, but realized all it did was make me a funnel for the tax money anyway and cause me extra paperwork no matter how little I had to report.
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    Code 254. From page 55 of Irrigation and Green Industry, January 2007 issue..
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    Thanks ICS. Made it myself with software...

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