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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DanaMac, Nov 6, 2004.

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    I am looking at some of the seminars/training courses for more education in our industry. And I want to broaden my knowledge of the industry because I may need a change soon - bored, complacent, too comfortable. I am looking at going to the Rainbird training camp in Vegas next month and take my employee with me as well. I would like to learn about things such as Maxi-Com/central control systems and golf course irrigation. My company is strictly repair and service and is 95% residential.

    Any other good seminars/training camps that you might know of? I know our local suppliers give seminars, but not to the degree I want or the type of classes. Looking for some "higher" education in the industry.
  2. Fishin LCO

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    I am going to a Rainbird irrigation school Tuesday, will give feedback about it when I get back.
  3. jerryrwm

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    Have you looked into Water Auditing? Not really geared for residential systems, but there is a growing need for larger properties and municipalities.

    Also, if you are so inclined, become a Certified Backflow tester. As more and more cities develop a Backflow Prevention program it will become more important to have that capability. It gives you the ability to test your own systems rather than be at the mercy of some plumber that will get there when he gets there and charges you out the wahhzoo. Really pizzes me off when I had to call a plumber to test a device and he would ding me for the test and then if there happened to be a bit of PVC cement flash under the poppet, and I got a hit for another $50 for him to take the bonnet off and clean it out. That only happened once. I made sure that I cleaned the assembly after I installed it before calling for the test. Going rate for backflow testing in this area is $55.00 and up. One irrigation company quotes their backflow tests at "$100.00 more or less" and as far as I know they have never done it for less! Not bad for a 15 min stop.

    I hit a good lick a while back. An apartment complex had 13 PVBs on property! Took about 5 hrs. $800.00 on the invoice. I had to replace a couple parts so that's where the extra came in. Then the manager of the complex had me test her backflow also. That was simple as she lives about 4 blocks from me, so I did that one on the way to the house that evening.

    Another avenue is pumps and pumping stations. Pumps are not rocket science, but many have no idea how to use them for irrigation systems. Good to know for low pressure areas or for pumping from lakes, rivers, ponds, etc.

    Jerry R
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    I'am going to IA show this week in Tampa Fla we are all taking classes
    this is frist time for all of us I'am taking class for Cert Irrigation Contractor
    and then test I think if I can pass it will be a good marketing tool I'am
    Certified and the companys are not wait and see will let you know how it
    goes What is involved in The Rainbird Program? what do they teach about
    Golf Course Irr?
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    I go to the Michigan Turfgrass Conference every year. This Link will list some organizations that have educational program, and/or could help with new technology in the industry.


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