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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by pokemon, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. pokemon

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    Thank God! I passed my County Irrigation and Business and Law Exam.

    I studied very hard for months and I set a date to take the exam on 12/13/03. I finally got the results of the exam today 12/18/03 from the Building , Zoning and Contractor Licensing Department . I am ecstatic :angel: :cool2: :blob4:

    My next step will be to locate some builders in my area and bid on irrigating some new home heck I will start solo doing repairs and new installs not to mention landscaping. There is nothing in this world as powerful as the belief in one's self and hope.

    If I can direct a crew of 3 to 4 guys to complete 2 homes per day from 5 to 7 zones each for my employer I sure can do the same for my self.

    Some of these homes are in a upper middle class area on the golf course around $400,000 to $700,00 range and well landscaped including security clearance :D payup . All I need is a couple to get my solo career off and running.

  2. thill

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    Congrats - go get em - sick em.

  3. frank's lawncare

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    i am looking into getting into this feild,which would be located in pa and i did some reasearch and found out to be certified that you need 3-years working in this field in order totake the exam,now this is the irrigation association's rules now can i take this exam from my state.this would be impossable to do three years working for some one and run a business.

    so how hard is the test??

  4. pokemon

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    Qualifying is difficult but not impossible fortunately I have over 4 (four) years in this field , a college degree, and a letter from my previous employer. Your State PA or county may have different rules by area in Florida states #1 All Applicants must have a baccalaureate from an accredited 4 year college in the appropriate field of Engineering, Architecture or Building Construction and 1 year of proven experience in the category in which the person seeks to qualify or.

    #2 Applicant has at least 4 (four) of active experience as a worker who has learn his/her trade as an apprenticeship or as a skilled workman or.

    #3 Applicant has a combination of not less than 1 (one) year of experience as a foreman and not less than 3 (three) years of credit for any accredited college level courses including community college.

    I also went out and got a job as a foreman doing residential sprinkler system for middle to high end homes.

    once you qualify to take the test here comes the easy part you must discipline your self to study like you were doing a job/project.

    I went to a local book store that is selling books on Building trades for Contractor example Air Conditioning & Heat, Plumbing, Swimming Pools, General contractor you get the idea.
    Then study set up a schedule and stick to it.

    My test covers Business and Law, Irrigation Sprinkler Installation

    Irrigation general 36%, System Design 30%, Pumps 16%, Electrical 12 %, Water Reuse/ Reclamation 6%

    On Business and Law

    Business Organization 2%, Licensing 8%, Estimating and Bidding 8%, Contract Management 16%, Project Management 12%, Insurance and Bonding 6%, OSHA Regulations and Record keeping 6%, Personnel Regulations 16%, Financial Management 10%, Tax Laws 10%, Lien Laws 6% and some questions that I saw had nothing to do with either subject.

    I prayed :angel: every day before studying and especially on exam day and ask God to make me understand and pass the exam and it came to pass. I did it on the first try with both test on the same day.

    Now I am looking to get another job doing Commercial work on shopping centers and common areas of subdivisions etc so I can earn while I learn give or take a few months. Start small and hire qualified people to learn from because I have the basics and there is always something new to learn from some one else's business and incorporate in my own.
    If you need more info let me know greenworldh20, Sprinkler guy, koster_irrigation, Clay, HBFOXJr, Rotor Man, Ground Master and several others posters too numerous to list and Gopher are excellent reading and very helpful.

    Good Luck and god's speed,
  5. greenworldh20

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    good for you...go get'em...

    i am proud for ya!

    'this bud's for you:drinkup:


  6. Dublinladd3

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    Pokeman, Do you realy have to do all that to install down here? I've been in irrigation since 1979, resi all the way up to golfcourse. There is no money in irrigation here in central Fl and to go thru all that , why not just mow lawns or maintain landscapes?. I do alot of repairs down this way but no intsalls
  7. pokemon

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    In my area you need an Irrigation License to do repairs and installs and yes you have to go through all those hurdles and then some just to do business.

    to Greenworldh2o and Thill Thank you

  8. Avery

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    Congrats man!! All you need is for a couple of large builders to use you for their work and you will be as busy as you want to be.

    UNISCAPER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I just wanted to add one thing hjere...First, congrats on passing your test.

    However, beware of builders. When you work for a builder, you are the equivelant to a bank. Builders as a whole tend to pay in 30-45-60, and even 90 day increments. That means you don't get paid for that long.

    It is high time we in this industry took control of the job we bid on...Our policy that we will do anything in our capacity for anyone and do it very well....What we are never going to do is allow ANYONE to dictate how they intend to pay us. We bill for work every 3 days. The bill is due on the fourth day. If we do not recieve that payment by the4 5th day, by the 7th day we lien properties...

    Have had to lien 2 jobs since we moved here. The word gets out fast, and collections have never been a problem.

    So, a word of caution, buildrs are snakes, and if they can use YOUR money rather than thiers, they will. Don't allow them to get over on you.
  10. pokemon

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    I have been down at the Building and Zoning Department getting leads on the builders in a certain part of town that is experiencing some growth hope to make a connection soon

    :cool: Avery & Uniscaper Thanks for the advice

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