Irrigation for a soccer field

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by rusty2, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. rusty2

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    I know it is difficult to estimate but I need really rough numbers on putting in a soccer field irr. system. There is water at the feild. 75psi and about 25gpm. Would like to use 1 1/2in pvc. Field is 110yd. by 65yd. Want to use gear roters. Just get me within $1000 with labor in Northern Illinois. This is budgeting for a government project and I don't want to have to call someone out and waste their time because they may not get the bid.
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    I did a soccer field summer 03. 200x300 feet is the size. 7 zones with 5 heads per zone. I think your goin to need a lot more than 25 gpm to water an area that big.
  3. Planter

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    Rough figures:

    You have nearly 66,000 square feet to water.
    Given a dristribution uniformity of 70% for rotors,
    an ET potential at 1.5 inches per week with a crop coefficiency of .70 (these are guesses, I don't know what yours will be),
    a water window of 24 hours per day, which is not possible, you would be able to water 38,450 square feet with 25 gallons per minute.

    I think your water supply is WAY short on this. Unless you can substantially increase it this job looks impossible to pull off.
  4. MikeK

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    1. Call your local Distributor, Toro, Hunter Ect. They usually have qualified Irrigation Designers on Staff. They will usually agree to design the system free of charge or at very little cost as long as you agree to use their products.

    2. The Distributor will be able to give you some rough numbers as well as some qualified contractors to bid on the project. Don't just go searching through the phone book, find a contractor that has Done this type of work before.

    3. Now you will have 2 or 3 bids and you can be confident that the system they are installing will work properly as it has been designed by a qualified designer. If you just ask a few contractors to give you a bid, everyone will do things just a bit diferent and they may cut corners and sacrifice quality of the design just to get the job.

    Numbers for MN for Athletic fields would be in the range of $380 to $410 per rotor, Installed. This would not include the plumbing. You should plan on tapping off of the city main for this. The designer can make recommendations.
    Good Luck

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    You mention this is a government project...So, before you take prices of X amount per rotor, or whatever, yuo need to factor in that all labor falls under the Davis Bacon Act, or Prevailing Wage Act.

    What this means is that the laborer who you pay $12.00 an hour with benev fits now costs you $22.35, plus benefits, the foremen cost you $27.50 plus benefits, and you will need a licensed plumber to connect the back flow preventer. He goes for $53.70 per hour.

    What I would do is consult a company who works on municipal projects, because if you don't, all somone has to do is drop a dime to the depeartment of labor and you will have fines and back wages that could throw you into bancruptcy.

    I would hate to see anyone have that happen if they can avoid it up front.

    Hope this helps!
  6. Ground Master

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    What size is your water supply pipe?

    25 gpm would work, but I figure the system would have to run 16 hours evey other day

    area=64,350 sq feet

    apply max 2 inches water per week=10,725 cubic feet of water needed per week

    10,725 cubic feet =80,223 gallons needed per week

    80,223 gal/week=22,920 gallons needed per watering cycle (watering every other day, I divide by 3.5)

    22,920 gallons divided 25 gallons per minute=917 minutes needed

    917 minutes= 15.28 hours
  7. MikeK

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    Yeah, the system could run 16 hours every other day but that does not leave too much time to play soccer.
    Tap off of the city main and do it correctly
  8. Ground Master

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    I agree 100 percent mike, I was showing that it can be done with a 25 gpm supply.

    I'd go with at least a 2" capable of suppling 70gpm

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