Irrigation for Beds?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by dbrown, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. dbrown

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    I am just an amateur and my new house is just about complete and we are talking with local (Cleveland, Ohio) contractors. For the irrigation, they are recommending that we DO NOT put sprinklers in the shrub/tree/flower beds because of the different needs of the plants. Is this a standard practice or should I push back a little to get a better explanation. Also, we are well water with 15GPM flow. Should I have any concerns with the water volume? Last question-is anyone familiar with Vizmeg landscaping in the greater Cleveland area? good or bad? Thanks you in advance. Doug
  2. Grassmechanic

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    Put the water in the beds, just make sure it has it's own seperate zone. To neglect to provide water to expensive ornamentals is just plain short sighted. With 15GPM, you will be somewhat limited, but a knowledgable irrigation designer will be able to work within these limitations.
  3. aquamtic

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    Here in New England we always zone up the garden areas if the customer wants to do so. Our company always zone out beds separte from lawn
  4. Avery

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    In beds we use drip. You can vary the water for different plant needs....
  5. D Felix

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    I'm not an irrigation guy, but let me throw my 2 cents in on this.

    IMHO, you do NOT need irrigation in landscape beds. After the first year, that irrigation is 99% "throw-away". It'll probably be cheaper (and maybe even easier) to water the plants by hand until they are established. If they are planted in the fall, you REALLY DON'T need the irrigation in the beds.

    I've had too much trouble with trying to get the zones timed "just right" to where they didn't over/under water the beds. It's a MAJOR PITA to do this. After the plants are established, about the only time they will need water again is in a heavy drought, which could be years down the road. Who knows if the heads will work then, and if you can even use the system due to water restrictions.....

    My advice is to NOT install irrigation in the beds. Like I said, it's a major, major PITA to deal with, at least around here. Now, if you have sandy soils, I can see the benefit, but we don't around here..... If irrigation *is* installed in the beds, those heads MUST be on a separate zone(s) from the lawn....

    Ok, so maybe it was 3 cents worth.:)

  6. Avery

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    Much of what you say I agree with. But in my climate irrigation is a must. True that systems in a bed are a PITA. But so it replacing 20K worth of plant material. That is why we go with drip. Inexpensive and you can kill the zone when it is no longer needed.
  7. DGI

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    15GPM is fine, as long as the tap is put in the proper location and the pressure switch is adjusted.

    Drip in the beds is fine, as long as it is installed properly. A lot of the stuff planted here needs water for a long time before it is totally self-sufficient.

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