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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Graveslawncare, Sep 16, 2011.

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    If the property is of any size, you are going to have some concerns about how long it will take to give the whole lawn a proper watering. As such, I would much rather know the flow and pressure, rather than guess.

    Uhhhhh, you might want to resolve the inconsistency
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    Lol sorry boots, you're right, I did that before I realized that I would be upsizing right after the meter. It's a 30 foot run from my poc to the backflow, but there is only a couple feet from the meter to my poc. That was my bad on the info there.
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    Still, it's the same deal. If you have the ability to make the connection, and then test your flow and pressure, you get your most accurate numbers, and can provide the best work. The size of the zones might be adjusted up or down, depending on how many heads you choose to have in each zone, and their flow and spacing.
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    As boots said , do ya tap first. Then run ya numbers , and dont design right on the edge.

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    I have been running PCS for a couple years and have always wondered about this? I just always assumed they entered the data wrong. I have gotten to know them pretty well, so I will send an Help Desk Ticket and ask them.

    For the price, the software is really good. I have done up to 200 zones with multiple phase system with this Software. Ewing's EARN program has a discount every month also.

    I have been thinking about LandFX but I am need to see the real benefits to make the switch. Shop drawings have become a major selling point with this economy for us. We draw every project no matter how big or small. Now that we have all of the prices and tied assemblies in the system it will amaze some to know what real costs are. we have it down to the poly 90!! Great stuff!
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    My 2 cents. Don't rely on calculators. Learn how to use the formulas and crunch the numbers yourself.
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    It was because I had the service line max fps set to 5. I bumped it up to 9 as bcg suggested and it gave me 12 gpm like I should have.

    I agree that the software is awesome for the price. As far as I'm concerned, it will meet my needs for a very long time. I can't believe I forgot about the EARN discount when I bought the 30 days for this system...:hammerhead::hammerhead:

    I'm the same way on drawings, as far as I'm concerned a design is a non-negotiable. I have no clue how other companies around here are doing systems, but this client said I was the only one who has said anything about doing a design. I have seen some CRAPPY systems put in the last few months, and when I ask the owner if they have a design they look at me with a blank stare. I do a design for everything, that way I can see potential problems before I break ground.

    You lost me at having prices in the mean you put supply prices into pcs?
  8. Graveslawncare

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    I do that too. Since I don't have years and years of experience yet, I tend to double and trple check a lot of things.

    For example, I know that I should be able to safely pull 12 gpm from a 5/8 meter. I also know that my static pressures came out to 60 psi, and accounting for pressure loss thru meter, backflow, pipe, valves and fittings, i will end up with 30-35 psi working pressure at the heads. I designed for 30.

    So I did crunch the numbers myself, and will check them again when everything is designed, but I also ran the numbers thru 2 computer programs. As long as all 3 of my calculations come out in roughly the same place, I feel confident that I have done them properly and the system should work right. Conversely, if one of the calculations comes out significantly different from the others, I know I need to look more into that area to find out where the discrepency is.
  9. Graveslawncare

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    I figured you guys might wanna see the design, so here it is. I've got mp 2000's in the 2 larger turf areas, mp strips on the strips, and Rainbird VANs in the 3 flower beds. I wanted to use rainbird cs heads on the strips, but then I would have had to have 5 zones and the customer is on a budget, so I was able to use the mp strips on the bigger zones and keep it to 4 zones. No zone runs more than 8.5 gpm so I know I will be in good shape on flow.

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    30 psi is not so swell for rotor heads, Maxipaws excepted

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