irrigation info transfer?


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Oly Wa
Not sure if this belongs here or elements of business but here goes. We just lost a large account in a industrial park after five years of service, beginning from install. Now that the turf and shrubs are shaped and growing nicely, I feel of coarse we got lowballed as the hard work is done. My question is would one be obligated to pass on the diagrams for the irrigation system to the next lco? I had to spend many hours to figure out this system as no information was given to me. OR, could I offer to sell this info to them? Really I figure it cost me in the range of four hundred bucks just to figure this system out. And I might add systems, as it consisted of three buildings of about 120k sq ft each. 26-32 zones each. To help give you an overall size of the place, local code says the property involved has to be 15 percent landscape, a big azz place! Any comments? Thanks...oly


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Was the cost of design included in the original install? I have seen in many commercial situations that their building services need to have these plans filed anways.

I guess its their fault for not aquiring it from you when you where in better terms. We do need to think of whats right and ethical

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