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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by hudson12787, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. hudson12787

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    im in nc and dont have a irrigation lisc. im was wondering if anyone could tell me if i can do irrigation work and to what extent or if it is completly off limits until i get lisc. i was talking to a guy the other day and he was telling me i could do repairs without it i just couldnt add heads,work in the panel or do new installs. im just trying to see how this was true and what you guys know to be the limitations before i try do something illegal
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    We're the wrong source for you, check with the state themselves.

    Good luck
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  3. BrandonV

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    I'm a licensed contractor and I'll try to give you the short of it. You can repair or I think even install (varies by city) as long as you stay under a certain dollar amount (I think it's $2k) of annual revenue per site. In other words if you have a customer that spends $2k a year with you total (not just irrigation) you can't do irrigation work for them w/o the license. If you have a customer that you do $500 a year you you can do irrigation work for them up until the $1500 mark. This is the way I remember it being explained to me. If you're in a bigger market it'd be best for you to go ahead and get the license.
  4. Mike Leary

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    If the game is going to be played, seriously, get the license, the bond and liability insurance. I was insured for two million dollars. One can do some serious damage with a blown mainline. I never used any of the bond or the liability, but I sure slept better.
  5. hudson12787

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    i intend on getting the lisc. i just cant right now with a full time 2nd shift job but when i get big enough to quit then ill go to school so i can apply for the exam i just wasnt sure what i could do now also i am working to fit insurance and bonding in the budget asap
  6. NC_Irrigator

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    I'll help you there Brandon,
    The law states $2500 for the lifetime of the work billed per site/address.

    This figure needs to include backflow device and the water meter cost/values even if they arent a part of the installers contact, they are still a part of the irrigation "system"

    The dollar figure cannot exceed 2500 hundred for that perticular site, so your talking a pretty small job. Once you exceed that amout whether its an install or repairs its a crime.

    There are 26 NC Irrigation Board Paid Investigators for the state, which i am one. I have investigated 2 people in the last week as unlicensed contractors. And i will say they are putting the hammer down, legal wise. No warnings.

    Brandon, did you make it to the green and growing show last week? I looked for you and didnt see you....

    Hudson, Theres no say as to what you can and cannot do other than keep the repairs under the statutory limit. I would keep in mind also that if you're unlicensed there will be times that you might run into another contractor or get stopped "working in the neighborhood" and they'll want to know your license #. Its better for yourself and the industry to get licensed (you'll have to take the test) as soon as you can if you plan to continue in the biz.

    PM me if you want to know more about the laws etc,
  7. NC_Irrigator

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    also after reading your last post, i would recommend working on getting
    your license first if your serious about getting in the business- before you work on "getting big enough to quit your other job" seems kinda backwards to me. if you're getting big then surely you should have already had a license then?

    ive been doing irrigation for 18 years and im still trying to "get big" LOL

    the test is offered a few times a year. i would recommend the day before crash course study session usually offered you can look into. the insurance and bonding is optional if you are a sole proprietor (someone correct me if im wrong there)
    but if you are planning on operating a business that is an LLC or INC. you need the insurance and bonding will be required as a part of the irrigation licensing
  8. NC_Irrigator

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    Brandon is right about certain cities requiring licensed contractors...... cary is a good example
  9. hudson12787

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    thanks for the help i should have worded my last post better so let me clear up some things i am starting a landscape business not a specific irrigation business. i wasnt even planning on offering irrigation until i figured out the best way to quilify to take the exam and became a contractor because much like everyone else i hate the stereo type placed on the landscape industry and dont want to be the fly by night everyone thinks there a landscaper. im filing all the paper work and getting the insurance and all the nessesary items to be legit. A guy was telling me i couild do certain things and it sounds like a good thing i checked here to verify so it sounds like i still wont offer irrigation services until i can get the lisc.
  10. hudson12787

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    also i would love to take a few classes take the exam and get going but i know its not that simple can you tell me what i have to do to qualify to take the exam

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