Irrigation Material Costs?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by boohoo, Jan 11, 2003.

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    Just wondering if any of you guys would share what you pay for materials. Bearing in mind I suggested a ball park figure of $350-$400 a zone for an average 8-10 zone job was standard in my area and a few guys suggested that was way cheap so I was just curious if we are using similar materials. My costs approx:

    PGP Rotors $10
    Rainbird 5000 $10
    Hunter & Rainbird Sprays $2- $3
    Irritrol valves $10-$12
    NSF 1in Poly $0.18/ft.
    Febco 1in PVB $90
    I use swing joints/saddles opposed to risers.
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    The prices you've listed are higher, than what you can get these for by doing some shopping around. Are you stuck with one vendor in your area? Talk with your vendor about your price level, are your buying at the counter, taking delivery? Buying case lot or pieces? Do you get an additional % off for paying the statement off within terms? You can do better. With Regards... devildog
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    I buy from united green mark........looking at some receipts........

    300' of 1" poly 80# $25.73
    1804 less nozzle $ 1.77
    rainbird nozzle $ .99
    100-1" oetiker clamps $ 9.60
    rainbird 5000 rotor $ 8.50 to $11.37 these are on sale alot
    dv-100 $13.80
    hunter pgp $ 8.75 on sale price
    3/4 to 1" febco pvb $48.00 to $55.00
    esp-6 $95.00

    I think they have decent prices.....although, I've noticed that
    fittings are less at home depot

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