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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Freesprt25, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. Freesprt25

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    This is my first time posting a thread, so please bear with me. I am preparing a bid for a commercial property and part of the service they want is monthly irrigation monitoring. I'm new to the business and have only done activations and deactivations. What they basically want is for me to come out once a month to run the system to make sure all of the heads are popping-up all of the way and fully retracting when water is truned off, checking for sprinklers blocked by grass or other obstacles, chekcing for proper pressure and making 'minor' adjustments as needed. I don't want to give them an hourly rate but don't know how else to price it. This particular site is a 10 zone system but I'd like to create a standard pricing format in case this specification comes up again.

    Any suggestions? I appreciate any help you guys can give me.
  2. Mdirrigation

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    Give them a flat monthly price to check it , and any repairs are time and materials.
  3. Freesprt25

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    Thanks Mdirrigation. I was thinking a flat monthly rate of $45 (my hourly charge). Do you think an hour is enough time to perform a full run through?
  4. AssuredServicesCo

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    I would charge enough to cover what it would cost to send out two employees to do the job. Each with walkie talkies. One at the controller and one at each zone (even if you do not have any employees). This was you always have costs built into your cost structure that allow you to build your business. If you explain to the customer how you check they understand more than just cost...especially commercial customers who want the job done right. Good Luck.
  5. Mdirrigation

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    I would charge minimum of 75 a month , that would cover travel time , I would also charge it for the whole 12 months since It is a year service policy .
  6. ed2hess

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    We build these cost into lawn maintenance all the time. Sprinkler checks run min. $35. Set the timer on 3 minute per zone take your flags and check list and your are done in 30 minutes. Checks are done low so you get the repair business.
  7. jerryrwm

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    Monthly checks are charged by zone/controller. We charge $4.00/zone and have a $36.00 minimum.

    Turn on controller for 2-3 minutes/zone, do the walk-thru and make notes of needed repairs or service. "Walk each zone - See every head". We don't make any adjustments, but either use flags or marking paint. Then a notation on the walk-thru sheet.

    We turn in a repair estimate sheet, and make repairs based on authorization. Repairs are at regular hourly rate plus parts. If they authorize work while we are there or have a preset repair limit we will jump on it right then. Hourly clock starts at that time.

    Jerry R
  8. Rainmaker

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    we have a set rate for turn ons and winterizations for commercial accounts that want mothly service checks we generally charge the same price for mountly checks

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