Irrigation??? Nightmare Or Blessing????

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by ashs inc, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. ashs inc

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    Ok guys. Love the forum and i have gotten so many ideas from you all. Thanks so much for the helpful advise.

    I got a call today and looked at a condo complex. Irrigation problems the guy says. well the system is about 8-9 years old. All toro. Nothing against toro i just like hunter. Most of the heads are busted. water coming out of base puddling around heads. The heads also need to be moved two feet out of the beds because shrubs block the water flow. Ok i have done installation and service on many different systems. I am not sure how to bid this one. I found one valve that wont come on. it is a 1.5 valve. I counted 30 rotors that need replacing. i was going to replace them with pgp's. ok sorry to ramble. how much per head to replace and to move and replace the valve. any help will be appreciated
  2. Dirt Boy

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    My $0.02 worth.
    $30 - $40 per head. Depending on how much trenching work is required.
    $125 if the valve needs replacing and this can be done without doing any plumbing (cutting/etc.) More if it involves cuttin & fittin.

  3. Keith

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    I don't have a standard rate guideline for stuff like this. Roots suck, and you are going to run into them moving them out of the hedge. I don't know how big the hedge is, but digging and cutting roots in a hedge that is taller than you is no picnic. I know, I just pulled 4 of them out of a hedge like that today. You might get lucky and the lateral lines might be out away from the hedge and it might be really easy. Then again you may be really unlucky and there might be crappy risers that are leaking and they might be glued right into the tees, with the rotor sitting right above the whole mess. Right now you don't know what is there. I'd dig one up and see what's there. I might even dig up two or three just to make sure there was some uniformity to the original install.
  4. Hank Reardon

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    Time and Materials.

  5. jerryrwm

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    You can't really give a bid because you don't know what's under the ground. And in the irrigation business you'll find that "dirt covers a multitude of sins."

    Like Russ said, T&M is the safest way to do it. You can give them your best guesstimateby make sure that they understand it is not a hard-n-fast price.

    Them you can join the ranks of the "T&M Queens" as Jon likes to call us.
  6. SprinklerGuy

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    somewhere between 1 and 1 million dollars.....guaranteed.
  7. ashs inc

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    thanks for they info guys. i will charge more than a dollar and less than a million. I was thinking about 35 a head. and about 150 for the valve. thanks again guys.

  8. bumper

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    At the bottom of my estimate in bold red letters.

    Hidden debris, IE, stumps, roots, concrete may include extra charges.

    and that is beyond T & M

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