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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by slikrick, Jul 26, 2006.

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    i usually charge $6 per foot for irrigation lines and if there are obsticals in the way like pavers, sidewalke or driveways i charge more. heads and other lines, like drip lines or misters are an on at cost to the charge. pavers, sidewalks or driveways that take jetting i charge extra.... around 8 to $10 per foot.... what do you all think or what do you all charge??? am i too low or too high.

    any comment will help!


  2. JimLewis

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    I think whenever landscapers get into "formula" pricing, it always leads to either overbidding or underbidding. Formulas don't work. Every job is different.

    If you know irrigation, and know from experience how long it takes you or your crew to do an install, then why on earth try to use some magic formula?

    Here's how I figure out all of my installs:

    Price of Materials: $1200
    Permits, Backflow Test: $110
    Labor: $3300
    TOTAL: $4610.00

    Of course, all the customer see is the $4610 figure. If they want to know how I arrived at that figure, I am glad to show them my scratch paper and how I arrived at it. But I can look at a property, test the water pressure, figure out how many zones there are going to be, and figure out parts and labor all inside of 10-20 minutes from arriving on the property. So why try to improve on that? It's already simple. And I am almost always very accurate. We've done enough jobs to where I know (within $100) what the material cost of any job is going to be. And I know (within a 1-2 man hours) how long it will take us to install it. So why use some magic formula?

    Every landscape is different. Some I can use a trencher. Some have to be all trenched by hand. Some have lots of underground utilities to avoid. Some don't have any. Some have multiple sidewalks to go under, some have none. Some have easy access to the water mainline. Some take a lot more work to get to. There's no way I could make some formula apply to every landscape. It just doesn't work that way.
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    Everyones formulas are different depending on where you are in the country.

    I use them, but i always take into consideration things like Jim said about obstacles and things that can eat up time with hand labor.

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