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Irrigation opportunities


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I would like to get out of doing the hands on portion of my business. My body aches after working all day. Joints have had problems for years. But I don't think I can make as much $$ by just running the biz in this market. We are only service and repair, and have an 8 month season. And finding decent repair techs is tough here, which is the main reason so many other companies refer work to me.

So I am trying to look into other ideas in the irrigation industry that I could move into? Product sales rep? Supply house sales rep? Consultant? Something else in the same field. Just not getting my hands dirty and torn up all the time.

Any ideas? I would love to design the next great sprinkler product and make millions off all of you :D but I haven't come up with a good one yet.
Want to travel? I think Hunter is looking and I just happen to know "the man".....let me know.

Also, I have another idea..keep watching...maybe we can both make it happen. And, you can always sell your company to me.....I don't need to make as much money as you....wanna work the pond?

I feel your pain man.....I have been there, but not as old as you yet! LOL....